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What Facebook blogging application is the best?

The only reason I am keeping my myspace page is because I like its blogging feature, but if I could find a clean, effective, reliable blogging application on Facebook that allowed comments from readers, I could move it over there.

There are, unfortunately, quite a few to choose from. Which ones are the best and most like myspace in terms of functionality?

super snake

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Posted by mark - September 9, 2017 at 8:57 pm

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What are any thoughts on self publishing?

In todays cut-throat publishiong industry what are the advantages/disadvantages of self publishing? And any good publishing houses which specialize in it?

Hi Csider

Unless you know for a fact that your writing is up to professional standards, and that your book will be of interest to enough people to make it commercially viable then I’d advise you to leave self-publishing well alone.
Because there are hundreds of thousands of people already out there wasting their money by ignoring these basic details.

If that didn’t put you off, then do yourself a vital favour and don’t try self publishing unless you are going to pay a good, professional copy editor to check for typos, bad grammar, etc., and another professional-standard editor to go through the book to weed out the rubbish and give you expert advice on how to rewrite the rest to give your book the best chance of selling.

Also, make sure you have a distribution system set up IN ADVANCE.

I know a gentleman who set up his own publishing company many years ago to publish other people’s books. He did a lot of the editing himself, and the company was successful enough to give him and his family a decent living.

Then one day he figured he’d publish a book of his own – which he wrote and edited. It was just about competent. But whilst he’d made such a good job of editing other people’s work he simply didn’t have the self discipline to edit his own work effectively. The book was too long, too repetitious, it wandered about all over the place instead of sticking to the subject it was supposedly about. And so on.
The book was a flop.

As to publishing houses I guess you mean self-publishing house?
The answer is yes, there are several POD (print on demand) companies that offer a good deal and will produce a good looking product.

But they can’t make a book sell unless you give them the right material to work with.

The advantage of going with a regular publishing house is that they won’t waste your time or their own on any book unless they think, from seeing the initial proposal, and based on their experience, that you have a product that will sell.

There are occasional stories of books that were turned down by numerous publishers before being accepted and becoming best sellers. But this really is a rarity. It’s actually far more common for publishers to be over-optimistic rather than cynical.

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Posted by mark - May 31, 2017 at 12:46 pm

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what is the best online creative writing class?

I’m looking for an online fiction writing class — does anyone have any suggestions for the best program?

I think University of Houston has one of the best creative writing program. :). Check it out. Or you can try School of Art Institute of Chicago. They have BA for writing Emphesis. Good luck!

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Posted by mark - March 31, 2017 at 11:26 pm

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I have a business that I want to get a server for which server is best for a publishing online marketing,sales

Free advertisements?

You can advertise here for free:
Yahoo local on yahoos home page
Post a link to your site for free where it is allowed
Examples are:
Google Base
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US Free Ads

You can also try article submission………………………………….…………………………………………

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Posted by mark - March 26, 2017 at 8:19 pm

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Simple Book Marketing Tips That Will Make Your Self Published Books Sell Fast

Authors, self publishers and book publishers can be very unhappy when they see boxes of books delivered from the printer, loaded onto pallets in their garage and not have any idea on how they’re going to sell them; don’t let this happen to you — be prepared. Self publishers need to have a good marketing plan to sell books and should be written prior to writing your book and in place a year prior to publishing your book.

This article will provide you with easy, free, and cheap book marketing, promotion and publicity tips to get you headed in the right direction fast.

Press releases can generate thousands of dollars in sales when picked up by national trade or print media. Mail a press release to at least 1000 print and broadcast contacts just prior to publishing your title and again and again after you publish; you can never send too many. Make sure your press release spells out the ‘who, what, where, when, and why.’

Using press releases can be a very effective marketing tool if used properly. Mail a press release to all the trade journals in your field over and over again; you can use the same release. Invest in press release submitting software and set aside time every week to send out a press release online to the press directories.

Using press releases for marketing or promoting your book or book’s website has become increasingly popular as publishers discover the powerful benefits of using press releases. Send out the same press release to the editor of your local daily newspaper every week until you are called for an interview or are written up.

Submit articles to online article directories that focus on your book’s topic to drive customers to your website. Print and online publications provide longevity to your marketing campaign in terms of having something tangible for people to reference ongoing. Contact non-bookstore booksellers and offer to leave books on consignment.

Find a non-exclusive distributor with a good reputation to carry your book for the book store trade, as well as for other retailers. Local radio shows and television appearances are good but are often forgotten within hours of the broadcast; make sure to make or get a copy of any television broadcast for future promotions.

If your book fits a specialty market, find a store that fits the genre and offer to leave books on consignment; many publishers have sold thousands of books this way.

Make sure your sales letter or flier is first class; this is your formal presentation of your title to the prospective buyer. Place free ads periodically for your book’s website on Craigslist in different categories to drive even more traffic to your website. I’ve not found that book signings sell many books for publishers and are often a waste of time; better to spend it elsewhere.

Make sure to promote and market your book each and every day, both online and offline. Women buy more books then men; see how you can fit your book into the womens’ market. Your sales letter or flier should include an eye-grabbing headline, the benefits to the buyer, the book features, book sales information and testimonials.

Market your book to your number one market first, and then go after the secondary markets. Remember to make sure your book is listed in Books-in-Print; don’t assume it’s already listed.

I’ve seen publishers lose a lot of money paying for expensive display ads, so beware if you do this; I don’t advise it in the beginning — get your feet wet first so you know what you’re doing. Create an online contest and list it in online contest directories to drive traffic to your website.

I hope this article has provided you with helpful tips to accelerate your book marketing and book promotion efforts. Yes you can market and promote your book on a shoestring budget, just be careful about your marketing dollars. Don’t delay another day if you’ve fallen by the wayside; make sure to focus on promoting, selling and marketing your book each and every day.

Helen Hecker

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Posted by mark - February 19, 2017 at 7:35 pm

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a question about online publishing?

is there anywhere i can publish my writing online so people can critique/edit it, but not wory about having it stolen?

i do a lot of writing and would like to know what other readers/writers think of it before i go about trying to publish a book.

If you post your work online there is NO way to guarantee that it won’t be stolen – /even/ if you register the copyright. Also, keep in mind that publishers won’t publish work that has been posted online specifically because it could have been plagiarized which could lead to legal problems down the road – so they won’t risk it.

If you want an honest and professional opinion before you try to get published then you need to hire a professional editor. Their advice is invaluable and they know what publishers are looking for.

A lot of writers want peer criticism, but the truth is that your "peers" just end up stealing your hard work – not to mention that most people don’t know what they are talking about and either tell you that you suck when you don’t or that you’re great when you’re not. Most of the time these peer reviews give you a false sense of security because comments like "Good job! Keep it up! Can’t wait to see what happens!" really don’t do anything to help you out.

Just don’t not post online. Period.

Check out this link to learn more about plagiarism and copyrighting:;_ylt=AnNJZzQAevgVVs7ypCrERLvty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080227123138AA9EIBb&show=7#profile-info-iwILkbf2aa

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Posted by mark - January 8, 2017 at 3:44 pm

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ReUsable Web Components with Python and Future Python Web…

Google Tech Talks
September 13, 2006

Ben Bangert works as a Senior Software Engineer in the Online Publishing Group at O’Reilly Media Inc. His fascination with technology and programming have led him to experiment with and use a variety of web technologies. Ben believes strongly in the “right tool for the right job” motto and has been adding tools to his programming belt for over 15 years.

Python’s Web Server Gateway Interface (WSGI) not only enables a multitude of Python web frameworks to share code when it comes to deployment, but also enables entirely new levels of re-use for Python web development. This talk is focused on explaining WSGI, new types of re-use with WSGI middleware,…

Duration : 0:51:45

Read more…

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Posted by mark - December 14, 2016 at 12:53 am

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I’m 13 and want to be an author. Any good self publishing sites and some book ideas?

All my teachers say that I’m very strong with language arts and I would really like to start writing. I want to write books when I get older. I know its early to start but I would like some practice for the future. As for the self publishing sites I would like to be able to publish my own book but skip the whole thing with editors and publishers, to keep as memories.

Don’t self-publish. It will cost you *a lot* of money, and self-published books almost never sell enough to cover the costs of the publication.

You could take your pages to a book-binder where they will put them into a hard-cover book for you, though, and then you’d have something to keep as a memory.

If you’ve genuinely got enough money to self-publish, it would be better spent on taking some sort of creative writing class, where you could get proper feedback on your writing and learn how to write as professionally as possible.

You should definitely keep writing though! Start by writing about the sorts of things you know about – you’re 13, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have experience of life. You could try writing a story based around friendships and conflicts at school or within a family, or sibling rivalry, or what it feels like to be scared half to death by something you imagined was lurking under your bed, even! Or whatever you’re really passionate about – since you love writing, why not start by writing about a kid around your age who is crazy about writing and books? It could either be a realistic story – perhaps he or she writes a book about her own family full of nasty details about everyone, and it accidentally falls into the wrong hands? – or a fantasy story, where maybe he/she could start writing a story about another world and somehow gets sucked right into the place he/she has created? How would they get out? Would it be terrifying, or amazing, or a mixture of both?

You don’t have to start with a novel-length story, either – you can write short stories too.

It’s great that you want to get lots of practice – enjoy your writing and good luck!

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Posted by mark - November 16, 2016 at 9:18 am

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How can I make money online writing articles?

I have been writing for, but I would like to write for a publication that pays per article. Any suggestions?

If you like writing fiction stories, you might like

StoryMash is my favorite because it’s collaborative storytelling, which means anyone can add new chapters to any other story. StoryMash pays 50% royalties which turns out to be only a few bucks a month, but seems worth it to me because it’s also fun!

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Posted by mark - September 4, 2016 at 5:53 am

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Is Writing Articles The Only Way To Succeed Online?

Certainly not!

Many different ways exist to succeed with an online business. All of them will require a learning curve to use properly and effectively.

1 – Online Advertising

Traditional advertising still exists. There are many owners of websites who would be more than willing to sell you space on their site for your own site’s promotion.

You will need to learn how to determine the value of this kind of advertising. How much traffic is generated? What kind of traffic is generated? Does the traffic convert to sales? Is it worth the money being spent?

2 – Online and Offline Word of Mouth

This is basically a free form of advertising. The concept is simple, if you know enough people and tell them, they in turn tell others and so forth. Before long many people are checking out your website.

Another similar technique which is an electronic method of spreading the word is thru the use of forums. You must be careful with this technique however, as it may be considered spam by many forum moderators and / or viewed negatively by forum members.

Many website forums offer sections specifically for advertising. They may charge a price, but it is usually not very high.

3 – Pay per Click

Many online businesses are extremely successful using pay per click campaigns with the search engines. Traffic can be nearly instantaneous and depending on the campaign large amounts of traffic can be generated.

This again is another technique you need to learn and understand before attempting. If not done properly it could possibly be one of the quickest ways to max out a credit card with no return on investment.

4 – Email Opt-In Lists

Many online entrepreneurs would say this is the only way to succeed online. They will give away products or information simply by having the visitor add their email address to their “electronic list” using a website form and then confirmed by the visitor via their email address, otherwise known as opt-in.

The idea is that once their email is on the “list”, newsletters can be sent out many times with links to products they are selling. With this technique the visitor could possibly be sold many different products earning the online business owner far more income than only one initial product sale might produce.

Indeed, there are many success stories with this online business model. For it to succeed you need to have a large list of subscribers, good sales copywriting and products for resale.

5 – A Good Linking Strategy

It has been said that the links between different websites form the back bone of the internet. Search engines value links highly, especially one way links, and rank sites higher in their results which have a large number of links.

Website owner, naturally, figured this out and took advantage of it to gain increased exposure to their website. They participated in a form of linking called “reciprocal linking”. They would ask a different website owner to add a link for them and in return they would link back.

This linking strategy worked for a while, but soon the search engines caught on and filtered this “fabricated” linking out, resulting in many site owners losing traffic.

Linking with relevant sites can still produce much traffic. It does again require a learning curve on how to do it properly and how to be rewarded from the search engines in terms of search results ranking. It also requires time for this method to work to its full potential.

People have succeeded in many other ways including blogging, free publicity and even by printing their website in various locations offline.

Articles are typically associated with online success from the phrase “Content Is King!” For many websites and users it is hard to beat the value of articles with the content they provide.

Many people are looking for information. They are not ready to spend money. However, capturing their attention by giving them the information they are looking for helps to draw them in and prepare them to spend their money.

Why not have them spend their money on your site? Feed them with information from your articles and reel them in!

Craig Ritsema

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Posted by mark - August 30, 2016 at 2:19 am

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