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Blog Marketing With Trackbacks A very quick tutorial on getting blog links and Power Linking with trackbacks. This is how you do blog marketing.

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Posted by mark - May 10, 2017 at 12:51 am

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The Telegraph integrates SEO boosting online readership at SES London 2010

Greg Jarboe, SEO-PR, interviews Julian Sambles, The Telegraph, who spoke on the SES London 2010 panel, No More Yesterdays News, Real-Time SEO. Julian talks about the importance of training editors and journalists to help them understand and integrate SEO into their product. Julian says the Telegraph is now prioritizing its copy focusing on online readership first and print readership second. The Telegraph now features influential blogs as part of its online presence. As a result of incorporating SEO into its product, the Telegraph has seen its share of the online audience shoot upwards, in addition to seeing its Web traffic increase from outside of the UK. Using search engines in an intelligent way, says Julian, has enabled the Telegraph to convert new readers to its website.

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Posted by mark - March 23, 2017 at 6:20 pm

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What to Consider When Publishing An Online Newsletter

Providing a newsletter for your opt-in list subscribers provides many benefits in terms of driving traffic into your site as well as boosting the sales and profits of your site and company. This is a marketing ploy that will not hugely dent your marketing budget and will not also require many man-hours in developing this project.

With a newsletter, you can inform the public about your company and products as well as services. You can keep them posted and updated about what’s going-on with your company as well as many of your promotions and offerings. With these, you keep on reminding your subscribers that you are still here and is willing to offer them good deals and services.

Newsletters also allow you to impress your subscribers. It can show your expertise and knowledge about the topic at hand and the many benefits you can offer them. When you impress people, they will become potential customers and another great thing is that they can recommend you to their friends, colleagues and family. All of them could very well be customers in the future.

If you do not have a newsletter or publishing one for your site, then you may have to consider about researching and be well informed on how to publish one. It is not as easy as it seems but if and when you get the right idea and process, it will be smooth sailing from there on. Try to take the time to learn what you need to learn and get that newsletter ready and good to attract subscribers to your newsletter as well as traffic to your site.

In the next few paragraphs, I will provide you with some things to reflect on when you decide to start your own newsletter for your site. Here are five things to consider when publishing a newsletter.

1) Make sure that the content of your newsletter pertains to and closely associated with your business or the theme of your site. Do not dwell too far on what could be regarded as your field of expertise. You have started a site and your theme for your site will always be something you are knowledgeable about. For example; if you have a site that sells auto car parts, your newsletter must contain articles or content like photos that pertain to cars, auto parts and such. You may also include content about your company and your staff.

Remember that visitors of a certain site are there because they are interested in what the site has to offer. If they sign up for an opt-in list or for a newsletter this means that they want to be updated for that certain theme or subject. Be sure that when you publish your newsletter you are providing for the need of the subscriber as well as their interests.

2) Ensure that you have well written, information riddled and content rich articles. You articles will be the body of your newsletter and that they should be able to excite your readers as well as provide information. Articles should be well written and checked for errors such as spelling and grammatical errors for it to look professional and believable. The trust of your client to you and newsletter is at stake here.

3) Fact-check your articles. Make sure that you provide true facts and figures so that your reputation as an expert and knowledgeable in that field is not questioned. If you lose the trust of your subscribers these may persuade them to unsubscribe to your newsletter. You will lose many potential sales this way.

4) Provide fresh and new articles that can provide new information to your subscribers. If you publish stale and old news in your newsletter, there is a tendency that people or your subscribers already have read and known about them. This will lose their interest in your newsletter and they wont get to read what is most important, your ads. They may not open or read any of your succeeding newsletters losing your intention in writing and publishing newsletters, to get them to visit your site and make a purchase.

5) Never use copyrighted materials such as photos and articles. This is outright plagiarism, you may get into a lot of trouble for this. You can lose your business and get sued over copyright infringement. If you do not have the time to write your own articles, there are many willing and able professional article writers that can do it for you for a reasonable fee. All your investment in writing and publishing articles will be well worth it when you see your list build up and your traffic increasing.

John Ugoshowa

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Posted by mark - June 4, 2016 at 11:49 am

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How can I use blogging to increase traffic on my website?

I need specific instructions on how to link my blog effectively. Should my blog be based on my website, or can I add to blogs on related sites? I am pretty lost right now, I basically need a blogging tour guide for dummies

If your blog covers subject areas that are complementary to your website, then it is better to have it on your website so that the whole site can benefit from the additional inbound links and traffic that the blog will generate.

[comment: If you do put it on your site, then remember to have it as a folder ie. rather than a subdomain ie. because Search Engines treat subdomains as separate domains and so you lose the onsite advantage.]

If you would like a Blogging Starter Guide, then you might like to try a free ecourse that I offer on Business blogging which gets sent out by email. You’ll find it at

It will deal with the questions and issues that you are facing and hoipefully point you in the right direction.

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Posted by mark - April 6, 2015 at 11:03 am

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How to Creating Your Own Blogging Site?

If you have your own blogging site, for more detail go to: You can converse with someone and learn about their comments. If you have a blogging site, it will be easy for you to market yourself and make benefits from your products provided that it has all the important facts and that can keep your customer interested. Setting up your own blogging site means that you are creating a little space on the Internet where you can update and make posts on your own with just about anything that interests you. Of course, your blogging site will have variety of topics within your specialty. If you want to make money with your own blogging site, you need to have multiple blogs with different topics. If not, your blogs will be too messy if all topics were all posted into one blog. Now to have a good blogging site, you can post anything from your hobbies to your interests. There are lots of people who can get interested in reading your blogs. If your blog is interesting and can give knowledge to the people, they might visit your blogs more often. In having a good blogging site, you need to come up with interesting topics. It is important that you know your target and you know what they like to read about.

If you personally love dogs or a certain type of pet, you can write about it and post it in your blogging siteyou can include useful information that the readers may be interested about. Blogging sites are a good resource for knowledge and information. If not, what will be its use anyway? If you have your own blogging site, you can start using Ad sense to it. Ad sense program can give you enough money and increased traffic out of your blogging site. If you want to upgrade your own blogging site, you need to have at least 10-15 pages which have relevant contents. For more detail go to: You also need to have 5 posts on your blog.

To apply Ad sense in your blogging site, it should have an interface that is easy to use and it has to be clean. All pages must be working and it should not contain broken links or under construction pages. It should not contain popup and animated gifts. Your blogging site does not need professional designs. It can stay simple because designs are not the main requirement. If you have simple designs and a simple site overall, it will have more chances to get searched in the search engines. Users will also find your site easy to navigate because it is readable and not confusing.

Puneet Rawat

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Posted by mark - March 31, 2014 at 4:54 am

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Optimizing Your Blog For Traffic

This Video Teaches You How You Can Optimize Your Trend Blogging Blog For Massive Traffic. These Are Blogger Tips (specifically) But Would Apply To Other Blogs As Well.

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Posted by mark - May 23, 2013 at 3:55 am

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6 Tips for Increasing Blog Traffic

you’ve built a blog, your primary focus should be in developing a solid readership. Now that you have your blog running, you’ve been adding quality content, and you’ve been engaging your readers, what do you do now?

You need to spend more time promoting your blog. When you market your blog, you’re marketing yourself. You can’t hide behind a faceless company which makes marketing so much more collaborative and difficult at the same time.

Think of these six methods as a way of reaching out to your audiences and saying, “This is who I am. Come on over and let’s chat.”

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Posted by mark - August 6, 2010 at 5:16 am

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