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What websites are for blogging only? Like writing journals but we can use a different name?

I wanna write stuuf like journals or bloggs, but not saying who I really am. Is there any website where I can do this? Websites for blogging or writing journals and get to post them online?

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Posted by mark - July 17, 2016 at 7:54 pm

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Making Money Online Put Into Perspective

The idea of making money online is attractive to many, primarily because of the benefits it offers. Two main incentives are motivational factors here: The lucrative potential of the internet as well as the personal freedom that comes with working without a fixed schedule or geographic location.

Are you willing to learn? Many people who start in the business have no intention of learning anything about html/css, publishing, search engines, css, pings, tags, or anything else. It’s not just possible to make money online, it’s a fact. As long as there’s still gray matter in between your ears, you can come up with anything good to entice shoppers looking for anything and everything on the web.

It’s all about hiring the right people or having enough knowledge and connections within a specific industry. You should do some in depth research before you decide to settle on a specific niche for your business. These can range from e-commerce websites, social communities and information portals to basic landing pages for affiliate programs.

The benefit of get paid to websites is that you don’t need to have your own website or any personal skills at all. The downside is that there are a lot of get-paid-to scams around and finding websites that are legitimate can be fairly difficult.

Many people join affiliate program to make money online. It’s easy and often free to join but it’s a very competitive market.

Different people vist different websites for different reasons. Some people will be just browsing, just surfing around with no specific target in mind whilst others will be looking for specific things.

There are large directory’s full of affiliate programs you can use on your website, such as Amazon, Clickbank and Commission Junction. Ebooks, Courses, Teaching – Building website’s to promote your Ebooks and Courses can be a great way increase sales dramatically! In fact any major competitor in any niche, has brought out there own ebook or course which you apparently can live with out.

Advertising Programs – By far the easiest way to make money from website’s is using advertising programs, simply paste a piece of code and you will have relevant adverts displayed on your website. Everyday there are new advertising program’s boasting the new way to make more money than you can imagine.

It seems that everyone out there knows how to build a website. Everyone knows a little HTML, a little CSS, a bit about promotion and bit (usually a very small bit) about design. But if you stick around a little longer, you will get to know the ropes of this business and find out the things that would work for you or not.

No Secret Formula – Sorry to burst your bubble right there but there is no secret formula at all, you can’t find billions of dollars by purchasing e-books being sold for $3 that claims to be revealing some Top Internet Secrets in Making Money or an auto-Pilot software of sort. Use your common sense do not be scammed.

It can be done on a freelance basis and doesn?t require much skill apart from knowing your way around the net and having the creativity to find ways in which to get a good inbound link to a website. Virtually assist other web workers.

Freelancers and small businesses desperately need help running their businesses, but they’re not about to hire a secretary to come sit in the family room and answer phone calls. Offer your professional expertise in an online marketplace.These days, you can do more than just sell your old books via Amazon and your old Coach handbags via eBay.

Now you can sell your professional capabilities in a marketplace. No longer are you limited to looking for a permanent or contract job on Web 1.0 style job sites like Monster or CareerBuilder.

What about the latest promotion avenues on the web like getting bloggers to create a buzz for your business, posting viral videos, giving away free ebooks, as well as using other types of online social media? Or perhaps, ideas like leaving postcards in books/public transport, holding seminars/talks, visiting schools, etc? If you’re in the U.S., what are you doing to celebrate/observe this occassion.

It’ll be interesting to know what small online business people are planning to do for this event. So, what do you do to promote your online business? Do you use more traditional methods like advertising in newspapers/magazines, giving business cards and giving brochures?

Making money online is a dream for many, but the simple fact is that it’s often just as tough as making money offline. For every brilliant success story, there are countless thousands who fail.In fact, 92% of them fail. Doing business in the online world is complicated and very fluid. Today’s success stories can quickly plummet as new competition with new strategies steals their market shares. Ilan has taken his passion and turned it into several unique product lines. His “A Thousand Things Went Right Today” and “Advice from a Tree” have spawned suites of products such as notecards, journals, bookmarks, and more that now sell in huge volume online as well as through other venues.

Making money online is thought to be a hoax to some people. It seems this way because these people do not know how to go about making money online. When you don’t know what you are doing you will not be able to make any money. Being informed os the key to making money online. There are millions of people across the world that are making money online. Each one of them has their own successful method that they developed over months and maybe even years of trial and error.

Todd Ash

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Posted by mark - February 17, 2016 at 10:20 pm

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What are 5 the most popular blogging software applications on the web?

We have created some software and we want to integrate it into blogging applications starting with the 5 most popular.

Here is a systems that helped me.

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Posted by mark - November 6, 2015 at 4:44 pm

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which self-publishing company is the best and most beneficial to the author?

I’m looking at online self publishing companies and I need help. Any recommendations?

None. Self-publishing is not something you want to even consider if you’re hoping to become a published author. Being self-published does not make you published nor does it make you an author. No respectable writer worth their salt gives much thought beyond scorn for self-publishing.

Take the traditional route and have some decency for your work. Pick up or borrow a copy of "The Writer’s Market" and heavily research agents and publishers for your manuscript. It may take a lot longer to become published through traditional publishing but at least you’ll have your dignity intact.

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Posted by mark - August 28, 2015 at 3:55 am

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Is it safe to publish written work over online writing groups? Do i need to copyright?

I go on Reviewfuse where it’s an online critique group. But will others be able to steal my work? I haven’t got it copyrighted, so will i have to?
And how?


Your work is copyrighted.

It’s a fallacy to believe that you have to "do" something to copyright your own material….you don’t.

If it’s your original work then you by definition own the copyright without having to do a thing, you already had possession the moment you created it.

Of course, there are extra steps you can take to make it easier to make a copyright infringement claim later if you should need to.
You can mark all your material with a watermark or copyright notice if you wish….or you could save a copy that’s dated so you can then prove that you owned it at a certain time if ever the argument arose at a later date.

You can register your copyright material for the same reason but of course that will cost you.

All of these actions however are simply to help if you ever have a problem, they don’t create the copyright for you at all.

As I said at the start, copyright is automatically yours for original material you produce.

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Posted by mark - March 26, 2015 at 7:23 am

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How can I make money from blogging?

I’m trying to find a way to make some extra money to help my husband pay for bills at home. I’m a stay at home mom and have plenty of extra time. I’m not very computer savvy, but I am a quick learner. How can I make money from blogging?

There are so many ways but before that you have to find out a profitable niche. Next you have to do keyword research and then promote your blog to get traffic. once you started to get traffic you can make money.

For details you can visit my blog and get a free blog. Check my review for best blogging product.

If you need any help then contact me.

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Posted by mark - October 5, 2014 at 10:45 pm

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Be a Successful Blogger Blogging for Business

Below are the ingredients you can use in blogging world that can make you attain a great success in your blogging business career.

1: Get your blog filled up with quality contents.

as a blogger who want to excel through blogging business On the Internet must be able to source for quality content content that will keep the readership to keep returning to it blog. But, what is quality content? The quality of your blog’s content is directly related to how well you have defined your ideal audience.

A successful blog is written with a distinct audience in mind. In this way, you can provide content that is unique to your audience’s issues, needs, or desires. If you create content they like and wish to return to read, you have quality content.

The second issue is to stay true to your audience and tone of your blog. If people are reading your blog, it’s because they like your topic and tone. Try not to stray from your typical topics and style too much. This will give your readers a reason to link back to your blog on daily basis, as will posting on a regular basis.

2: You must be highly committed to your blog.

As a blogger who is highly committed, you must frequently update your blog on a daily basis, If you don’t update your blog often enough, blog readers will move on to other blogs. There are too many blogs out there competing for attention. Blog readers will go where they can get enough of what they want.

Successful blogging takes a commitment of your time. When you begin blogging and wish to capture an audience, you should be prepared to blog every day. In this way, you can develop an audience who counts on you to help them begin or end their day.

This means you should also try to post at the same time each day. Your readers will get accustomed to your schedule and check your blog at the appropriate time. The time of day is not as crucial as the consistency in your posting.

Since you now have quality content and a regular posting schedule, it’s time to drive traffic to your blog. Your readers will do a lot to promote your blog just by telling their friends. Don’t count on this alone! You need to do some additional work.

When you post, make sure you set your blog to “ping” blog tracking sites every time you add a new post. Think of this as a means to get their attention. The ping says “Hey, we just added a new post”. An alternative to automatically pinging from your blog is to use This is a one-stop place to automatically ping everyone you should notify of your new post and only takes a couple of minutes to accomplish.

3: Always announce and talk about your blog anywhere

Mention your blog’s address in your email signature line, in forums where you post, on your business cards, on address labels and in conversations with anyone you meet. Use a tag line under your blog address to further entice them to visit. Mine reads:

David olushina oluseyi
A blogadsense blog

Beyond just mentioning your blog in writing and conversation, you must actively participate in the blogging community too.

4: Participate in the blogosphere Get involved in other people’s blogs.
Visit blogs that interest you and are in line with the general topic of your blog. Then, leave thoughtful comments. Almost every comment option on someone else’s blog will allow you to post your blog URL and your email address. Help other bloggers out with traffic and they will help you.

If a blogger really likes your site, they will add you to their blogroll. A blogroll is generally found on every blog which understands linking to the rest of the blogosphere helps drive traffic. A blogroll is a listing of other blogs. Think of it as a “recommended reading list”. Don’t be stingy with your blog roll either. Add those blogs that you read and enjoy to your blogroll too.

5: Always include your keywords in your post.

think about keywords with your use of titles, links and blog posts. Search engines, like Google and Yahoo, like keywords. The more targeted your keywords, the better the chances of your blog appearing in search results. Search results can drive that extra traffic you want.

To increase the value of the key words in your content, make certain keywords are part of the hot link in your posts. Don’t use “click here” as the hot link. You will be wasting valuable real estate in your post. Instead use the relevant keywords for the hot link, like “a great marketing idea. This gives the keywords added emphasis with the search engines.

One last thought on keywords for driving traffic; if you want a real leg up in the traffic game, in your linking code add rel=”tag”. This helps Technorati, a major blog resource, index your blog for their directory. But don’t stop there! It’s time to submit your blog to blog directories.

6: Submit your blog to blog directories.

In addition to submitting your blog to the major search engines, make certain you submit the blog to exclusively blog directories like blogwise, blogcatalog, or bloghub. Many people find blogs through these online directories.

When you do submit your blog to these directories, remember to add a description that will entice your targeted audience to check your blog out. For instance, when I post my blog in blog directories, under description I put “General Musings, rants, advice and strategies from a battle-worn veteran of the Marketing Wars, online and off”. Your description should help the potential reader understand your blogging topic and the flavor of how you write.

In addition to submitting your blog to blog directories, join a few of the free or inexpensive traffic exchange sites like blogexplosion or blogclicker.

7: Use free and inexpensive blog traffic exchange communities.

there are many sites which can be termed “traffic exchange” sites for the blogging community. It won’t cost you anything to sign up. At the very least, join blogexplosion, blogclicker, and blogazoo. Once you sign up, you have two options to help drive traffic to your blog. Use both of them!

The first method is to earn credits (guaranteed visitors to your site) by using the “surf member sites” function. As you surf through those sites, you will be earning credits (visitors to your blog). When you find an interesting post, leave a comment as discussed above. When you find a blogger you like, add them to your blogroll and let them know you did.

The second method to drive traffic is to purchase credits. The cost is very cheap for the traffic you will drive to your blog. The more traffic to your blog, the more customers you’ll have. The more happy customers you have, the more they will tell others. The more they tell others, the more customers you get. Don’t you love this dance!

In summary, blogging for business may not be for everyone. However, it can be a great method for bringing your unique perspective to the Internet. You will surely find others who think the same way you do. Some bloggers will entertain you, some will inform you, and some will drive you to tear your hair out. Decide what type of blogger you want to be and be the best you can. See you in the blogosphere!

david olushina oluseyi

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Posted by mark - September 6, 2014 at 11:07 am

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What is a good blogging site based on my needs?

I am finding a good blogging site for me.It should have-
Easy HTML editor
Able to do ads, like Google AdSense
Able to promote products
Easily make money
Also, my blogs are going to be mostly about Computers & Tech
P.S extra points- I am a beginner, so can you give me some tips, if possible?

I would suggest that you start using It is the most simple place to start for new users. The best thing is that it is a free service that allows you to put ads on your blog. The integration of Adsense ads has been made extremely easy.

There is a wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) editor on blogger, so you do not need to know any html if you do not want to.

A starter tip:
Think the a clear topic for your blog and stick to it. Do not blog about stuff all around and make side tracks. It is a sure way to loose your readers.

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Posted by mark - June 4, 2014 at 5:47 pm

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Where can I find online writing critique groups?

I want to have a longer work critiqued. It’s a SF novel. I was looking for an online group where I might post it chapter by chapter. Can anyone direct me with a link please? Thanks.

My favorite writing site is It’s collaborative fiction, so you have to be ok with other authors taking your story in a new direction. You can publish one or more chapters. Each chaptes is ranked and discussed separately. It isn’t a lot of money, but they also pay 50% royalties. Even if you don’t publish your main work, it’s a lot of fun to practice with other very talented storytellers.

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Posted by mark - April 15, 2014 at 2:51 pm

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Does anybody know any good online publishing sites?

I’m writing a book, and it’s really good, but I’ve heard that it helps to get writing published faster if you’re already well known in the writing community. I have a lot of poetry that is pretty good, so does anybody know where I can publish them online?

StoryMash is a great site to publish short pieces online freely and quickly. It’s collaborative fiction, so anyone can continue work from anyone else, and get paid for it. Poetry is accepted too. The storymash writing contests will get you the quickest recognition and feedback!

Good luck with your book!

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Posted by mark - March 1, 2013 at 10:36 am

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