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Know-how of online-publishing business?

I want to start an online business of publishing ebooks and other online magazines. I need to get the complete know-how and project report (pre-requisites, capital requirements, etc.). I tried Google search, but couldn’t get proper info.
Can you please help me get this info, as detail as possible?

Go to

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Posted by mark - September 6, 2017 at 7:45 pm

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self publishing?

can i self publish an ebook by myself and not go through a publishing website or pay anyone money? just do everything myself. please be as detailed as possible, i have no idea on how to turn my writing into an ebook and get it on the web. also, can anyone illustrate a childrens book?

Oh course if you turn it into an ebook, it will be nonprofit. Just start your own website and post it there, even simpler post it on some forums. Type the words into Microsoft Word or Adobe Reader. As for the illustrations ask a Photoshopper to do those for you, or you may do them yourself. Hope this helps.

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Posted by mark - August 10, 2017 at 5:42 pm

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What is a good, reliable self publishing company?

Hello. I was wondering what is a good self publishing company that is not a scam and is RELIABLE? I’ve heard rumors about scam companies and would like some suggestions and insights from self published authors and your experiences. I am preferring a company that also includes good marketing and cover design options. Thank you for your help! (Im a 19 year old male in college BTW, interested in creative writing since forever. thanks!)

You can check with the folks at
for information

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Posted by mark - June 23, 2017 at 11:36 pm

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Contrast and compare the four online publishing approaches?

summeraize this and U should B fine\

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Posted by mark - March 4, 2017 at 5:16 am

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what should i do if i wanted to publish a fantasy book? is there anywhere i could go in the LA area when i’ve finished typing it on Microsoft Word?

maybe you can go to a book store and look through all the publishings’, and write down the ones you like; then go on to their websites to get a phone number to call; better yet just go on to random publishing/ publishers’ website/web page

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Posted by mark - March 2, 2017 at 3:22 am

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Everything You Need To Know About Lulu Enterprises

Digital Communications project on, an online publishing site founded by Bob Young

Duration : 0:9:33

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Posted by mark - January 11, 2017 at 5:27 pm

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Online Publishing…………?

So I want to post some of my stories (or at least parts of them) online to get opinions from other people. Here’s not where to do that, I know, because I’ve tried that and only got one or two replies to my questions. No one wants to read those long paragraphs people post here. So are there any sites where you can post your original works to get feedback?

My favorite writing site is

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Posted by mark - October 8, 2016 at 3:28 am

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Writing an Online Dating Profile: Common Pitfalls to Avoid

When writing an online dating profile, there pitfalls that you should avoid as they may well cost you love of your life. Some common pitfalls include:

1. Laundry List:

Yes, complex beings we are, with wide and varied interests. But you don’t need to put each and every one of them in your profile. Four to five activities that mean most to you and are integral to your life suffice.

2. Shopping List:

This is related to 1 above, only that you make a long list of demands that your prospect must have or meet. Some online dating profile lists of demands simply cannot be met by someone from planet earth. Be realistic.

3. Lies:

The biggest complaint about online dating is about all the liars out there. People lie about their marital status, age, profession, income and so on. These lies eventually catch up with them, inflicting deep wounds and even lifetime scars on either or both parties. Be honest.

2. TMI (Too Much Information):

Don’t spill every little detail about yourself in your ad.

First, if you lay everything out on the table right away, you’ll have a hard time finding things to talk about later.

Second, a little mystery in a relationship helps strengthen the interest in both parties. Take your time in finding out more about each other.

3. Bragging:

Nobody likes a show-off. But how, you might ask, do you write positively about yourself without sounding arrogant? Well, be objective as opposed to being subjective. Avoid self-aggrandizing commentaries like, “I look great”, “I am successful”, “I have a great sense of humor”, and so on.

4. Cliches and Other Overused Phrases:

Guess what? Almost everyone enjoys “fine dining” and “long walks on a moonlit beach”. You’re not inviting a response when you list things like this. Using these phrases will make you seem unimaginative, if not outright boring. Put some thought into what you really enjoy doing and list things that make you stand out from the crowd.

5. Loser Words and Phrases:

Avoid using any of the following words or phrases in your personal profile:

a) “I’m tired of being alone” – This paints you as desperate and can set you up for responses by manipulative people.

b) “If you want more info, ask” – The whole response/reply process assumes this. Adding this line indicates laziness on your part to think about the content of your ad.

c) “I’m honest” – Even the most compulsive of liars won’t admit to being one, so there’s really no point in saying this.

d) “I’m no good at these things” – Few people consider themselves particularly gifted in writing personal ads. Like a) above, this reads like unmotivated filler text.

e) “I can’t believe I’m doing this.” Well, guess what, you are! Get real.

6. Shouting:

Typing in all capital letters is not only hard on the eyes, but also annoying to most readers. Also, on the Internet this is considered shouting. DON’T SHOUT! (See what I’m saying?).

7. Sexual Innuendo:

Save the sex talk for later communication, when you and your date become more comfortable with each other. What you intend as a cute remark may inadvertently be taken the wrong way.

8. Berating Former Relationships or Partners:

Almost everybody has gone through a relationship that just didn’t work out (I doubt there’s anybody who hasn’t). Don’t whine about what you didn’t get out of your last relationship. This is not the time or place to vent.

9. Unfamiliar Words:

Don’t try to show off vocabulary you do not have. The easier to read your personal profile is the better. Conversation-style writing that brings out your personality works best.

10. Negativity:

You want to come across positively. Talk about your positive aspects and traits. Leave the negative behind.

There you have ten common pitfalls to avoid when writing an online dating profile. And while you are at it, don’t forget to check your spelling and grammar.

David Kamau

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Posted by mark - August 28, 2016 at 12:42 am

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Good Major Book Publishing Companies for 15 Year Olds?

I wanted to know if there were any major book publishing companies, you know, like Wizards of the Coast and all that, that a 15 year old could join?
I want someone who will be able to publish what I have written, someone good/popularish.

I suggest self-publishing. It doesn’t discriminate any age group or whatever.

There are several schools of thoughts about it but I see it as a writer’s strategy to get his or her book published fast. The author also has full authority over the manuscript.

Xlibris is a self-publishing company that has a really good reputation on its excellent and wide ranging publishing services.

Get a free book publishing guide from them and they will walk you through the whole process:

I hope you find this information helpful.


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Posted by mark - August 25, 2016 at 11:58 pm

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What sites can I go to learn about book publishing?

I’m writing a book, and I need help out sites that do publishing affordable at that.. if possible?

Number one–it doesn’t cost anything to get published! :>)

You send your book in to a legit publisher. If they like your work, they buy if from you and publish it and get it into stores.


The only place a writer signs a check is on the back, to endorse it!

This site is a SAFE writer’s board run by pros. It is free and they can help you stay clear of the sharks in the publishing pool.

Visit the 808 section of your library, as it has all the books on writing and how to get professionally published. You need to give yourself a 101 course in publishing so you don’t get ripped off by the bad guys. There are a LOT of them.

To find a legit publisher, go to a bookstore. Find books like yours. Look inside the front pages to get the publishers’ websites. Follow their submission guidelines to the letter.

Look up websites of writers with work similar to your own. See if they mention who reps for them. A short polite mail asking if they can recommend an agent is not out of place. Do not tell them about your book, that’s seen as poor manners.

The links below will help keep you safe!

DO NOT GO TO WORTHY OF PUBLISHING. It is a complete waste of time and effort and can mess up your chance of getting published. Here’s a warning from the watchdog group "Writer Beware":

DO NOT USE PublishAmerica. They’re the worst ripoff site of all. Just Google their name + "scam" for the horror stories.

Good luck!!

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Posted by mark - July 27, 2016 at 2:08 am

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