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New from Old: Using Online Self Publishing Services… in Special Collections Libraries

Digitization and online presentation is a popular way to disseminate unique materials found in Special Collection Libraries. However, it is equally important for these unique and often decaying materials to find their way into hardcopy books to provide a much more permanent (or at least long-lasting) record and to provide the researcher or enthusiast a reference copy which can be made available to them both inside or outside of the Special Collections Reading Room. Online book publishing services (such as Blurb) offer opportunities for Special Collection libraries to easily create reference materials that can be used both in the secure reading room, or circulated to the general public. Additionally, the creation of these reference books aid in the promotion, discovery and ultimate use of a collection by way of the bibliographic record found in the library’s online public catalog. This presentation demonstrates a few examples of how this can be achieved.

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Kodak at Graph Expo: Turning The Page In Digital Book Publishing – K-Zone Panel

It’s no secret that transformation is reshaping the book industry. Hear from publishing leaders about their needs and goals in today’s environment and how digital technologies are helping them grow their businesses.

Chris Verlander, Kodak

Nancy Lavan, Vice President, Commercial Services, Offset Paperback Manufacturers
Ed Febinger, Corporate Vice President, Pearson Publishing

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