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Are Bloggers Journalists: Are Blogs new Journalism? – Is blogging the new form of Journalism? Should bloggers be held to the same standards as the media? Those questions were asked of me recently in an email, and raise a lot of food for thought.

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Posted by mark - September 8, 2017 at 8:38 pm

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Motivating Book Distributors Book publishing expert, Dale Beaumont shares his ideas to help other authors and self-publishers. Learn how work with book distributors and get your book into stores, and discover Dale’s seven inside secrets to help your books sell even faster!

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Posted by mark - May 27, 2017 at 11:14 am

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Tell Me More About, Blogging and Blogs

If you are new to the Internet and have spent some time here, you must have heard about “Blogging” and “Blogs”. But what exactly is a blog? How does it work? And how you can start one? Let me tell you one by one : So what is a Blog? In simplest language, a blog is a daily journal of your thoughts maintained you (a Blogger) on the web. When posting to a blog you will notice that it is arranged in chronological order – with the most recent additions on top. As you keep postings more and more posts, the older posts will enter into an Archive folder so that visitors can view your past posts easily. You can permit your readers to add their own comments/feedback on any of your Blog post. You can add audio to your blog known as Podcast, which readers can listen to. In fact it’s a great way remain in touch with your clients. How one can start a Blog? It’s extremely easy.

There are numerous options available. If you want to have an experience of Blogging without spending some cash, you can opt for the blogging service from or from These two websites are world’s most popular free blogs providers and have some great tools for starting a blog. On you also have the option to earn money from your free blog through Google Adsense program. Basically you only need to register at these blogging service for a free account, fill some information and lo your blog is live! Starting a Blog is just like signing for a new email account! However, I strongly advise you that after getting sufficient experience of running a blog on these free blogging platform, you should switch to a professional blog by purchasing own domain name and host. This can be easily done by using the WordPress Blogging tool ( which is one of the most powerful and free blogging software on earth. Working on wordpress is as simple as a breeze. There are zillions of wordpress tutorials for newbie on internet.

Further, there are many web hosting companies which offered wordpress enabled site hosting where installing wordpress is just a matter of point and click. What a blog can do for me? Well, a blog can changed your life in reality. If your blog become successful, you will be freed from all your financial worries and problems. For many people, their blog has become a virtual moneymaking machine. If you have any doubts over power of a blog ask Steve Pavlina, the guy who is earning $1000 a day (probably more) from his personal Blog. What are other benefits of having a blog? There are many and some of them are: 1. A blog allows you to get to know your customers and their needs, as well as, allowing your customers to know the blogger – that is you 2. A blog is a strong communication tool to keep in touch with your customers. 3. A blog (if updated regularly) can provide daily, quality content – which the Search engines love and thus, increase your traffic. 4. A blog can be used to advertise your links. You can write review of an affiliate product in your blog post thus increasing the chance of a sale. 5. A blog can be used to bring social change as is doing by some bloggers from China, Myanmar and Iran despite stiff resistance from their Governments. 6. A blog can be used to answer inquiries that people may have about your product.

Well , the list is not exhaustive and I have not mentioned all the benefits of a blog as it’s an introductory article on blogging. In my opinion, there is only one weak point of starting a blog – you’ll have to maintain/update it regularly 🙂 In fact a Blog is just like the fish shark. It’ll die if it stops. A blog needs constant feeding of your thought matter to exist. The blog should be maintained on a regular basis or it’ll lose its effectiveness. Now enough of my ranting on blogging. Get up and go blogging. My best wishes for your blog.

Wazir Singh

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Posted by mark - May 26, 2017 at 11:01 am

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Question about book publishing and copyright if several people write an article for book?

I’m wondering how to publish a book that’s similar to the Chicken Soup for the Soul series (it’s about a completely different topic though). What contract are the contributing writers given? If I have them sign a contract that I own the rights to their article, can I then publish their article in my book?

Also, I would like to publish their names as well. What if someone doesn’t want their name published? How to specify this in a contract?

go to law school or have a lawyer do it for you. It is impossible not to create a billion loopholes without a lawyer.

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Posted by mark - May 11, 2017 at 1:26 am

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Dog Ear Publishing Online Author Sales Reporting

A brief introduction to the Dog Ear Publishing online author sales reporting system

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Posted by mark - May 2, 2017 at 6:24 pm

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Book Events Authors Should Attend

Whether you write science fiction or mystery, poetry or romance, ultimately you will have something in common with writers of different genres: the need to promote your work. While the Internet has opened new avenues of marketing to authors, from websites and blogs to social network hubs, there is still something to be said for meeting the reading public where they can be easily found. Some of the best places to meet readers, editors, and booksellers are book conferences and conventions.

Conventions are held around the world, all year ’round. Many of the larger, more established expositions are normally scheduled around the same time each year, allowing authors who attend multiple events to plan accordingly. Some conferences may include panels and seminars on the craft or on marketing, while others are strictly venues for authors to read and sell works. Some allow writers and industry professionals to connect, and others are geared mainly for readers wishing to socialize with their favorite authors. Some are held in an afternoon at a public library, others sponsored by colleges over the course of a week, and still others held in large exhibit halls. Regardless of size and name recognition, any book event is worth attending for an author looking to promote a book.

Any author serious about learning more about the industry, learning what readers want, and reaching readers and booksellers should consider making time to attend at least one book festival, fair, or conference a year. Some may require travel and other expenses – booth rental, promotional materials, accommodations, but in the end the spending can be justified with the opportunity to expose your name and work to a new audience. You may not sell out at every event you attend, but you have at least the chance to imprint your work in the minds of interested readers. A simple bookmark handed over to a passerby may yield a future sale. Word of mouth remains on the most powerful marketing tools for writers – and you have to go where the mouths are.

That said, here is just a short list of recommended events I think every author should attend at least once. Some are expensive, yes, but worth the time to travel and stay. Many are genre specific, but the conferences and seminars offered at some may be applicable to any writer trying to make a sale. Consider planning a vacation around one of these events, and bring business cards. You never know…you just may meet your future agent in an elevator at one of these events.

Book Expo America – One of the largest publishing trade expos in the world. This 3-4 day event is usually held in late May, early June in a major US city (2006 was DC, 2007 is NYC, 2008 is LA). Here all the major book pubs (and a good number of small presses) display their forthcoming catalogs to reviewers and booksellers. Lots of big names come to this event.

Romantic Times – One of the largest book conventions dedicated to the romance genre and sub-genres, a fantastic place to meet readers and industry professionals alike. This event is usually held in the late spring, April or May, and also travels (2006 was in Daytona Beach, 2007 in Houston, 2008 in Pittsburgh). The Saturday book fair exposes authors to hundreds of readers.

Bouchercon – The oldest and perhaps most influential mystery convention, a great place to meet mystery authors, publishers, specialty booksellers, and others involved in the genre. This travel also (2006 in Madison, WI, 2007 in Anchorage).

Malice Domestic – Another, smaller mystery convention with a focus on the cozy genre. This one is always held in the Washington, DC area around the spring, April or May, and distributes the annual Agatha Awards.

DragonCon – DragonCon is not strictly a book convention, but very book friendly. DragonCon celebrates science fiction, fantasy, and horror, and everything in between. This con is held annually in Atlanta, usually around Labor Day.

RWA Annual Conference – The annual RWA conference brings in the heavy hitters of the romance industry: agents, editors and publishers. If you are a member of Romance Writers of America it is a great place to network.

EPICon – A small but growing annual convention, EPICon’s focus is electronic publishing. Here you can learn about the growing industry and meet eBook publishers, and attend the annual EPPIE Awards. This con travels and is usually held in the early spring (2007 in Virginia Beach, 2008 in Portland, OR).

Remember, too, for every con you attend you can write off your promotional expenses!

Kathryn Lively

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Posted by mark - April 21, 2017 at 11:25 am

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Self-Publishing and Marketing From The Trenches by Peter H. Zindler (4 Min Innovo Premiere)

Self-Publishing and Marketing From The Trenches by Peter H. Zindler (Innovo Publishing) will help guide you away from the pitfalls and money traps that await the self-published writer. It will maximize your budget, save you time, and help you publish professional books, ebooks and audio books in the global market.

With 30 years in the trenches and several publications to his credit, Peter H. Zindler presents invaluable self-publishing insights, tips and recommendations, so don’t miss out. Learn how to join the ranks of great self-published writers like Hemingway, Twain, Kipling, Shaw, Bryon, L’Amour, and Zane Grey.

• The Internet and other new technology have leveled the publishing and marketing playing fields.
• All writers have the opportunity to become globally published authors.
• This year new self-published titles outnumbered traditionally published titles.
• Digital ebooks and audio books are on the rise and are critical to self-published writers.
• Self–publishing is a key advantage for gaining access to agents and traditional publishers.

Self-Publishing and Marketing From The Trenches by Peter H. Zindler (Innovo Publishing) is available in paperback, ebook (Kindle, iPhone, iPad, Adobe) and audio book (MP3 and CD) editions and is available through Innovo Publishing, on-line retailers and fine bookstores everywhere.

Innovo Publishing LLC is a Christian-based, full-service Christian book publishing company, serving the Christian self publishing & wholesome markets. Innovo creates, distributes & markets hardback & paperback books, eBooks (Kindle, iPhone, iPad, Adobe), MP3 & CD audiobooks (audio books) and iPhone & iPad Books for Christian self publishers and provides automated order fulfillment through a network of about 30,000 wholesalers and retailers. All Innovo books are professionally edited with custom-designed covers and interiors. Innovo can publish a Christian book in as little as 45 days, and accepts fiction & non-fiction books, business books, & wholesome books for all publishing genres. Among Christian book publishers, Innovo provides unique benefits, including 100% royalties to our authors, who retain all rights to their work.

Innovo Publishing provides a variety of marketing options for authors including 30-45 second video Previews, 1.5-2 min. video Features, and 2-3 min. video Premieres with distribution to multiple social media and video viewing sites. Visit us at

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5 Tips For Writing A Killer Online Dating Profile

Your online dating profile is the first glimpse into you that your prospective dates get. It is the first, and it could be the last if you write a boring and typical profile like 99% of people out there. You, however, have an advantage over all those average Joe’s out there – you are reading this article! So here are some can’t miss tips on how to write a great, eye catching and attractive online dating profile that will be sure to land you the date you have been looking for.

1. Don’t ever be “Mr. Lonely”. You want to trigger attraction online without the physical aspect – you do not trigger attraction by playing the poor me’s, you do it by accentuating your strengths and attributes. Tell the single women out there what a catch you are by outlining your great characteristics in a confident and no-BS way. Take your strengths and showcase them in your profile or online and then COMBINE them with a vision of romance that paints a picture of a life that’s more exciting than the life she’s living. This shows her that you are not only a man who knows who he is, but also a man who knows how to truly discover the inner core of a woman. Communicating to women on this level drives them absolutely CRAZY… and you need to try it out.

2. Create an exciting life! Don’t have one, make one. You are not going to meet a fantastic, interesting, single man or woman if you present your life as dull and ho-hum. Remember, they are looking for a little excitement too. So step out of your comfort zone and DO something adventurous – skydive, rappel, go bungee jumping – do something that’s “radical” and BOLD. Now you have a very interesting experience you can talk about, not only online in your profile or in a singles place, but with anyone!

3. Show them your confidence. Every guy has things about him that are attractive to single woman. The only problem is we usually don’t know what they are. If you do know, can you communicate your attractive qualities in a way that AMPLIFIES or MAGNIFIES them? When trying to meet women online – don’t use weak phrases like “some people say I’m…” or “I’m sort of…” Instead, demonstrate that you’re a man who knows who you are by describing yourself in strong, concise terms. Don’t exaggerate… but don’t be a wuss either.

4. Expand your “Self”. Here’s another killer dating tip for meeting women or men online. Do not get stuck defining yourself as the “Nature Lover”, the “Clubber” or the “Bookworm”. Why? Because once you do that, much of the MYSTERY is gone… and she just won’t be as interested. That is one of the basic laws of attraction, whether you are meeting women online or in person.

5. Show your sensual side. Every woman wants a man who appreciates the sensual side of things. A single man who is “in touch” can ignite powerful, passionate feelings inside of a woman. But if you’ve ever done any “reconnaissance” online and read other guys’ profiles – I’m sure you’ve seen that most men have NO CLUE about how to attract women… let alone “ignite feelings” in a woman who they are trying to meet. Lucky you!

So how do you do this? Well unfortunately, you can’t just TELL a woman directly “Oh, I can make you feel great.” You can do this so easily with the right words, whether you are meeting women online or whispering them in her ear. To do this in an online dating or singles arena, simply use vivid details. For instance, if you talk about the food you enjoy, don’t just say you like fine wine… talk about how you love how a fine wine releases intoxicating aromas as it rolls around in your mouth. If you talk about a walk in the woods, don’t just say you like walking on through the woods – describe in detail how you love the scent of the unsullied air or the sounds of the wind teasing the leaves the trees. Use sensual words like full, ripe, supple, harmonious, sway, grace, tender, etc. When you use words like these, although you’re not talking directly about sex… you send a strong message that you know how to make a woman feel these erotic yet subtle feelings.

Maureen Arnold

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I really want to start blogging, what is a good site?

I want to start blogging about life and common issues. I would like a really good and common website. I started blogging last year on xanga and nobody was reading it. I’m a great writer and very interesting but how do I get my blog out there for people to read. I would really love for other people to read my thoughts and respond so I do I make it popular?

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Posted by mark - July 19, 2016 at 8:52 pm

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What would you say is the best self-published publishing company?

I self-published a book that came out in October. It has done extremely well but now I am having difficulties getting the company to pay me the royalties that I have coming. Do you know of any other self-publishing companies that actually do what they say they are going to do? If you know of one please tell me about them and why you chose to deal with them. Thanks so much!

Hi. My friend published with XLIBRIS and never had any problems up to now. So far, I mean. The people who have worked with her and still WITH her and yes, the royalties come quarterly so the author would be expecting a check every three months.

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