Nice “Self Publishing” photos

Check out these Self Publishing images:

Doctor Who A Collectors guide to the Novels

Image by doyoubleedlikeme
A book I self published back in 2007 & did no marketing on. Consequently it sold somewhere in the region of 20 copies (yey me). Its still available via

Self Publishing

Image by ScottMJones
Jennie Breeden talks about self publishing

The Wellington Collaboratorium

Image by The Bottomless Paddling Pool
Just got the photos from Gregory Sholette’s show The Wellington Collaboratorium held at the Enjoy Public Art Gallery here in Welly during June 2010.

Part of the show was An Imaginary Archive, and artists, zinesters, writers, etc were asked to submit any self-published work of fictional histories they have worked on.

Two zines of my fitted the bill, so they were featured. I wont say which ones cause I don’t want to give away the false stories in them, but perhaps if you know my zines and have a sharp eye you can pic them out of these photos…