Is self-publishing a book worse than going through a company?

I was doing some research and I need to know which is better. I have not seen a bestseller self-published book; so does that make going through a company better? Does that make your book more successful?
Thanks in advance for the help.

I read an interesting article about self-publishing on Wikipedia. There are different types of self-publishing and true self publishing is where you do everything yourself: you pay for the book to be printed, to design the layout and cover, you do all the editing and marketing. Self-publishing makes up an extremely small portion of actual book sales, but I have heard about the rare book being self-published and then later being picked up by a major publishing house. There are self-publishing companies that you can pay and they will publish the book under their name, but you relinquish control over your book, for instance, you won’t have control over the design and title, and you won’t own the rights to the book, even though you’re paying to have it published through them.

With a traditional publishing house you at least get the benefit of everything. They do the editing, marketing, and professional cover design. You don’t own the rights to your book, but you get royalties. There is a higher chance of your book ending up on the shelves of major bookstore outlets and getting press releases for it.

I’ve heard most people who self-publish end up with lots of their books in their garage collecting dust because they weren’t able to sell them. This is because with a lot of self-publishers you have to have a certain number of books printed depending on the package you buy.