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What copyright is needed for blogs or online publishing?

My husband is wanting to put some of his book he has been working on online in either his blog or perhaps on his myspace and website. However, there is a concern of people ripping it off. So what type of copyright will he need to have inplace on it for online purposes. Any advice, input, or guidance is appreciated.

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Posted by mark - September 13, 2017 at 12:06 am

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Speeding Up in a Slowdown: Attracting More Visitors

Jack Herrick, the founder of shares his favorite tips for attracting more visitors to wikiHow in the third part of the five part Speeding Up in a Slowdown series. Speeding Up in a Slowdown is a five-week educational series about speeding up your online publishing business in a slowdown. Each Thursday from mid June – mid July 2009 we’ll share tips about using AdSense and other Google products, as well as general online publishing advice, that you can apply to your business today. Follow the campaign at

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Know-how of online-publishing business?

I want to start an online business of publishing ebooks and other online magazines. I need to get the complete know-how and project report (pre-requisites, capital requirements, etc.). I tried Google search, but couldn’t get proper info.
Can you please help me get this info, as detail as possible?

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Posted by mark - September 6, 2017 at 7:45 pm

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Nice “Online Publishing” photos

Some cool Online Publishing images:

Trending Topics In Online Publishing

Image by paulamarttila…

Prezi presentation I gave at Svenska Dagbladet Developer Conference Dec 3 2009

Why fans matter?
Who’s "stealing" your audience and ad revenues?
Why one should be part of social engagement and distributed across all platforms?
How to monitor, filter, curate and report.

Online Publishing 101 @ AARP

Image by Frank Gruber

Online Publishing

Image by cogdogblog
Publishing Technology Center at Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

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Semiomantics online Editing and Publishing

Semiomantics builds semantic frameworks for online publishing based on the WordPress back-bone or on elegant flash designed scripts. Semiomantics by Yorgo Nestoridis

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Posted by mark - August 22, 2017 at 4:28 am

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Blogging: Writing and Publishing Your First Blog Entry

The content of your blog is an important factor in gaining traffic and acquiring a target audience. Publishing your first article or item is a great milestone in your blogging career. Fortunately, there are several basic guidelines, which can make your content more effective to your audience, adored by the search engines and respected by the world of blogging.

Publishing an Effective Content

Before you begin to write anything on your blog, you should know who your target audience is and what they want. If you see these factors as irrelevant for your blog because your blog is not business oriented in any way, you must remember that if you want readers then these factors are really relevant.

Always remember that where there are readers there is something interesting to read. The only reason why people read is because they want something. If you really want to achieve some kind of massive readership, you must strive to make your content interesting and actually what readers want.

First of all, keep in mind that communication is the key. More so, your communication must be authentic. The time when you publish your content is also the time when you let your true self surface. Blogs are personal in nature and communication is the key to being personal. The fact that each blog is unique because each writer is unique is enough for you to not to worry about future similarities with other blog entries. Keep in mind that whatever topic you are blogging about you must incorporate your personality with your writing.

In order to create a loyal target audience, it is important for the visitors to trust you and relate to you. It does not necessarily entail that they know about your personal details but you must connect with your audience in an authentic manner.

After establishing your communication with your audience, the content must also be credible. The blog must have authenticity even though credibility takes a lot of time to build.

The moment you begin publishing your content, which is of high value and useful to the readers, you also start establishing your authority. There will come a time when your readers ask you for advice or seek for your opinion; this is the time when you have achieved some kind of credibility and you must use this to build your reputation as a blogger.

The Blogger’s Block

Blogging is writing but uses a different medium. There are several methods to fight blogger’s block. Always remember that your blog software exists to serve you and not to frighten you. You do not have to try blogging carrying the idea that you have prolific writing skills, or a journalism degree. The fact is that you have something to say and you want others to hear it. However, if you are feeling stuck on an idea, there are several suggestions that you can apply when creating the content for your blog.

Firstly, you can try visiting other blogs. Visit those blogs that interest you and pick ideas and topics from those blogs that might be worth blogging about but keep in mind the relevance of the topic and your readership. You can also syndicate your news updates. You can do this by subscribing to news services online because they allow you to save time on searching using keywords. This is most useful for bloggers.

Nicholas Tan

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Posted by mark - August 16, 2017 at 11:16 pm

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The Power Of Content Publishing To Accumulate Loads Of Traffic To Your Blog!

Blogging is king!

I have emphasized time and time again that it is extremely beneficial to use a blog for your business. And considering the tons of revenue it has generated for tons of revenue companies worldwide, it’s going to be hard not to believe me.

Now, I’m going to tell you how you’re going to get more recognition for your blog and a rise in traffic.

1.Press Releases

Write a press release about your blog and submit it to press release directories online. What’s more, you can even submit the press release to your local newspaper. Give a personal note to the editor that you have a blog that he would be interested to publish into his newspaper. Editors love to receive something that has interest and is new in content to publish and gain the readers’ interest.

Write about something in your blog that the public would be interested in and what you can offer to them. Attach a link of your website to the press release so that your link would be printed out as well to make the readers get into action and go online to visit your blog.

If yours is a high ranking blog, all the more the better. Give statistics to the editor how many visitors you have to your blog every day and other achievements your blog has achieved in order to get into the editor’s good graces.


MySpace is a social networking site with over 100 million people subscribed to it. Let me say this part of the sentence again,”…over 100 million people subscribed to it.”

With that being said, you to take advantage of this social networking site!

To promote your blog you have to start with writing an extremely good profile about yourself and the URL your blog and optimize it with targeted keywords so that search engines can find you. Although this has nothing much to do with content publishing, you can also join the MySpace groups that relates to your blog. For example if you’re selling clothes, you can join a group that discusses about fashion.

3.Contribute To Other Blogging Sites

You can do more of content publishing by posting comments at other bloggers’ sites that are similar to what you are doing. When people read your comments and sees you as an expert, they’ll head on to your site to learn more about you.

Another thing you can do is to ask other bloggers to link up to your article that might interest a lot of readers. They can either post the whole article as a post, together with your resource box of course, or give a review about it and provide a link.

You can also offer to write for them an article, but maintain copyright with your name and have a link to your blog.

On the whole, these three points on content publishing play a very important role in increasing and maintaining the traffic of your blog. And do you happen to see that most of these strategies are free and the rest are at extremely low cost?

Jo Han Mok

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Posted by mark - August 14, 2017 at 9:46 pm

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All Juice No Pulp: Power of Online Publishing

Sylk Magazine is a step outside the formulaic men’s publication. First of all Sylk has forsaken paper and is available exclusively online, now a growing trend, but very ‘non-conformist’ three years ago when it was established. In that time Sylk has successfully survived nay-saying magazine traditionalist and people’s pre-conceptions that any site with sexy photos of women is porn.

While the big players in print are going digital out of concern over a dwindling bottom line, Sylk Magazine’s creator, Stefan Orenda, says love for the environment was the motivating factor for Sylk.

Q: “Why did you go online instead of print?”

A: “When Sylk was started it seemed like common sense that print would give way to digital despite popular opinion, but that was not so much the motivation as it was justification to create a paperless magazine. Click a key save a tree!”

As well, low production overhead, and nearly zero distribution costs combined with a vast, easily accessible market and the automated distribution methods of Internet advertising allows Sylk the freedom to explore edgy, controversial topics without the fear of losing advertisers.

This means that Sylk can deviate from the typical men’s magazine fare of sports and tech reviews and tackle political, religious and social issues, from the environment to racism, which most mainstream magazines won’t go near. Sylk can also do things like have FREE subscription and donate the sales from Sylk merchandise to charity to combat world hunger.

Not to say that internet publishing results in humanitarianism, but it makes it possible to bring back rowdy idealist publications and has allowed Sylk’s creator to follow a philosophy of “you can be informed, make a difference in the world and have fun doing it.”

Q: “What was the motivation to step outside the standard offering of men’s mags?”

A: “I am a trouble maker, always have been, always will be and I think there is an audience out there that is sick of the same ol’ celeb gossip and is hungry for a more intelligent option.”

But when you go to the first thing you notice will not be the biting political commentary. As with any men’s publication worth its weight in bikinis Sylk features plenty of barely clothed models. But even the Sylk Girls break the industry mold. Rather than chase down para-celebs, Sylk gives girls just starting out in modeling the spotlight.

However, perhaps the most amazing thing about Sylk Magazine and what is a clear testament to the power of internet publishing is that Sylk has a staff of one. The whole shebang from design, photography, editing, programming, marketing down to server management is done by one guy. In the beginning even most of the writing was his handiwork.

Q: “No one would guess that Sylk is only a one man show. How do you do it?”

A: “Shhhhhh! No one is supposed to know who the man behind the curtain is. But honestly I don’t do it alone. I may do the labor but without my peeps support I would have gone coo-coo long ago. My friends and the subscribers are all important for my motivation but most importantly the Sylk Girls. Without them Sylk would be just another political rant blog.”

Anyone that has had cyber-sex knows that the internet is notorious for things being not what they seem. But unlike potentially talking dirty to a fat guy in a pizza stained wife beater, Sylk Magazine is something good. It is an expression of the power and diversity of the net and what one person can do with a dream and hard work.

Zach Turner

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Posted by mark - August 12, 2017 at 7:54 pm

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Looking for a news story about a man who started publishing math lectures online.?

I recently saw a story about a former software engineer who quit his job and started publishing his own math oriented lectures online. I believe his name was indian, but I’m not positive.

He turned his closet into his own lecture hall where he records his lectures and publishes them online for free.

Does anyone know his website or where I can find this news story?

I saw the same news story.

His name is Salman Khan, and his website is at .

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Posted by mark - August 7, 2017 at 4:46 pm

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