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Motivating Book Distributors Book publishing expert, Dale Beaumont shares his ideas to help other authors and self-publishers. Learn how work with book distributors and get your book into stores, and discover Dale’s seven inside secrets to help your books sell even faster!

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Posted by mark - May 27, 2017 at 11:14 am

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Write And Publish A Book Eureka Style!

I had a dream. I wanted to write a book. I have found a neat way to jump over the publishing and marketing hurdles. What do I mean by neat? How about immensely more effective, efficient, and gratifying, for starters?

An Explosive Situation

You see, I love to write. I am also very curious, by nature. That can be a blessing and a curse! Over the years, I have dived into (read “immersed myself”) in a number of activities and fields of knowledge. I have acquired a fair amount of know-how in the process.

That knowledge and know-how, combined with my love of writing, had grown into a very “explosive” situation.

I like to share what I know. It is easy to get me going on a topic that I know and love. I was bursting at the seems to write a book.

Boy! Was I in for a surprise. Quite a number of surprises, in fact.

Gut Wrenching Choices

So, I set off to write a book. I had to do something to relieve this tremendous pressure that was building up inside me.

I was immediately confronted with a very hard choice to make. What should I write about?

All my activities, whether professional or amateur, were like my “children”. I loved each one of them equally. The kind of boundless love we reserve for our children. (If you have children, you will know what I mean. If not, then take my word for it. We love them all so strongly that it hurts sometimes.)

So how could I favor one over the other?

I chose to “solve” the problem the same way I fit things in the family budget. All my children have needs and wants. The family budget can only satisfy a few, at any given time. I have to prioritize.

Likewise, I only had enough time and energy for one book at a time. So I set out to list my favorite topics, as they popped into my head, in no particular order:

· Meteorology and weather services,

· Business planning,

· Amateur radio (Ham radio),

· Radio antenna building,

· Radio wave propagation,

· Speculative trading (stock options and currencies),

· Information architecture for Web sites,

· Computer programming,

· French poetry writing,

· Short story writing,

· RV traveling with my wife,

· Outdoor photography,

· …

See what I mean. My time budget could not satisfy all my “children” at once. I had to choose. (How I actually made my final choice will be the subject of another article, one of these days).

Believe me. I have truly been active in all the fields of activity listed above, either professionally, or as a hobbyist. In fact, I am still active in many of them, albeit to a somewhat lesser extent. My wife would not have it any other way!:))

All my activities are quite a strain on my time budget. I have to reserve some quality time with my family! Therefore, I constantly prioritize.

I finally chose to write about “business planning”. My target audience was to be the small business Web entrepreneur.

The Publishing Wall

Writing a book is only a matter of time, discipline and, above all, passion. Oh! Of course, you do have to love to write! No problem, or so I thought!

My problems began, however, when I submitted my manuscript to a number of publishers. That’s when I hit a solid brick wall!

Publishers typically receive hundreds, of not thousands of manuscript every year. Most are unsolicited. Most are from unknown, never published writers.

Yup! You guessed it. I was an unknown, never published writer. All publishers had very good reasons for turning down my “offer”. Some did not even acknowledge receipt, let alone give any explanation.

The Overpowering Doubts

That’s when the doubts began to gnaw at my insides. I was in a weakened state at that point. The writing task – combined with all my other activities – had literally drained me of all energy. I could not begin to see how I would ever get published.

To get my strength back, I went back to what I love to do most. Write. I soon felt good again. After a few weeks, I was ready to fight back.

The Self-Publishing Siren

I set out to search for an alternate way of publishing my book. Self-publishing looked promising.

Instead of the book publisher taking all the risks, you take charge of them! You put up the money to publish your book. Some self-publishing firms will impose a first printing run of two to five hundred books. Others will supply you with a dozen books or so, and publish the rest on demand, as orders come in.

That’s where you get into trouble … again. How do you get the orders to come in? How do you generate the necessary interest? How do you get people to know about the existence, if not the value of your book?

Most self-publishing firms will offer to market your book … for an extra fee, of course. But, even then, you will only get a “burst” of marketing (press, submitting to magazine reviews, international catalogs, etc.).

What happens after the few weeks of marketing campaign. Yup! You guessed it again. You can either wait for these efforts (over which you have no control) to bear fruit. Or you can cough up some more money for yet another marketing campaign!

Some self publishing firms will be “honest” enough to (strongly) hint that you will have to put in a fair amount of time in self promoting activities, such as organizing signature sessions at local libraries and book stores, participating in book publishing events and shows, etc.

Not exactly what I had in mind. Besides I could not afford it anyway. Not enough time, or money.

Fortunately, my research and planning discipline served me well again. I did not submit my book to a self publishing firm.

Trouble On Marketing Hill

I decided to promote my book myself. Fortunately, I had dabbed in Web site building when I was teaching Web site information architecture to senior college students. I knew that “it was possible” to promote my book with a Web site.

So, I went ahead and thoroughly researched this solution. I soon found out that having a Web site does not necessarily mean that it will be found by roaming Web surfers! Therefore, you cannot count on an automatic flow of visitors to your site.

There was more to Web site building and Web marketing than I thought. Much more. I soon discovered that I knew nothing about Web marketing.

New Tricks To Learn

I got lucky. My research enabled me to discover that I could build an effective Web site, efficiently. All that was required were a few hundred dollars, a Web site theme, and useful content. I was ready, willing and able to supply all that.

I also found that I did not need to have special knowledge of Web technology (such as programming, search engine optimization, Web design, usability, navigation issues, etc.).

Most importantly, I found that I could market my knowledge and know-how without ever publishing a book … at least not in the traditional way, yet. I discovered that I would be much better off publishing … one page at a time!

Here’s how it works.

Each article I write on a given aspect of “web business planning” becomes a page on my Web site.

Each page of my Web site attracts it’s own visitors. And because my Web site is built to be “visible” on the Net, it attracts an increasing number of visitors every day. I did not have the faintest idea how to do that. Fortunately, it is one of the many built-in, automatic features of the Web site building system that I use.

By the way, here is proof of the effectiveness this system. At the time of writing this article, my Web site enjoys an enviable spot on the Web. It ranks within the top two percent! It sits near the top of the hill, and the hill is made up of more than 56 million Web sites. You can verify my Web site’s rank on, if you wish.

Each page becomes a revenue generator on it’s own. I can display context relevant Google Adsense adds on them. I can offer links to (topic related) suppliers, as an affiliate. I can even promote and sell my own books, if I ever feel the need to!

The Eureka Rush!

At last! I have found a way to satisfy my craving for writing. As a bonus, I get regular feedback from my Web site visitors, even as I write more content. I have also discovered the intense pleasure of having people express their gratefulness for the helpful information I give them on my site.

Note that I do not sell my information. I give it away! It is part of the give and take of doing business. When I help my visitors, they eventually reward me with their patronage.

I have found a way to generate an income from my writing. I now publish my information in marketable installments, one Web page at a time!

My writing is fast becoming a very enjoyable and rewarding business. I have become convinced that no publisher would ever have been able to match the results I now get by “self-publishing on my Web site”!

Eureka! I have found a way to make my dream come true!

Claude Jollet

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Posted by mark - May 14, 2017 at 2:55 am

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Question about book publishing and copyright if several people write an article for book?

I’m wondering how to publish a book that’s similar to the Chicken Soup for the Soul series (it’s about a completely different topic though). What contract are the contributing writers given? If I have them sign a contract that I own the rights to their article, can I then publish their article in my book?

Also, I would like to publish their names as well. What if someone doesn’t want their name published? How to specify this in a contract?

go to law school or have a lawyer do it for you. It is impossible not to create a billion loopholes without a lawyer.

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Posted by mark - May 11, 2017 at 1:26 am

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7 Things Every Author Should Know About Book Publishing

Authors need to understand the business and marketplace for selling books.

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Posted by mark - May 1, 2017 at 6:09 pm

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Book Events Authors Should Attend

Whether you write science fiction or mystery, poetry or romance, ultimately you will have something in common with writers of different genres: the need to promote your work. While the Internet has opened new avenues of marketing to authors, from websites and blogs to social network hubs, there is still something to be said for meeting the reading public where they can be easily found. Some of the best places to meet readers, editors, and booksellers are book conferences and conventions.

Conventions are held around the world, all year ’round. Many of the larger, more established expositions are normally scheduled around the same time each year, allowing authors who attend multiple events to plan accordingly. Some conferences may include panels and seminars on the craft or on marketing, while others are strictly venues for authors to read and sell works. Some allow writers and industry professionals to connect, and others are geared mainly for readers wishing to socialize with their favorite authors. Some are held in an afternoon at a public library, others sponsored by colleges over the course of a week, and still others held in large exhibit halls. Regardless of size and name recognition, any book event is worth attending for an author looking to promote a book.

Any author serious about learning more about the industry, learning what readers want, and reaching readers and booksellers should consider making time to attend at least one book festival, fair, or conference a year. Some may require travel and other expenses – booth rental, promotional materials, accommodations, but in the end the spending can be justified with the opportunity to expose your name and work to a new audience. You may not sell out at every event you attend, but you have at least the chance to imprint your work in the minds of interested readers. A simple bookmark handed over to a passerby may yield a future sale. Word of mouth remains on the most powerful marketing tools for writers – and you have to go where the mouths are.

That said, here is just a short list of recommended events I think every author should attend at least once. Some are expensive, yes, but worth the time to travel and stay. Many are genre specific, but the conferences and seminars offered at some may be applicable to any writer trying to make a sale. Consider planning a vacation around one of these events, and bring business cards. You never know…you just may meet your future agent in an elevator at one of these events.

Book Expo America – One of the largest publishing trade expos in the world. This 3-4 day event is usually held in late May, early June in a major US city (2006 was DC, 2007 is NYC, 2008 is LA). Here all the major book pubs (and a good number of small presses) display their forthcoming catalogs to reviewers and booksellers. Lots of big names come to this event.

Romantic Times – One of the largest book conventions dedicated to the romance genre and sub-genres, a fantastic place to meet readers and industry professionals alike. This event is usually held in the late spring, April or May, and also travels (2006 was in Daytona Beach, 2007 in Houston, 2008 in Pittsburgh). The Saturday book fair exposes authors to hundreds of readers.

Bouchercon – The oldest and perhaps most influential mystery convention, a great place to meet mystery authors, publishers, specialty booksellers, and others involved in the genre. This travel also (2006 in Madison, WI, 2007 in Anchorage).

Malice Domestic – Another, smaller mystery convention with a focus on the cozy genre. This one is always held in the Washington, DC area around the spring, April or May, and distributes the annual Agatha Awards.

DragonCon – DragonCon is not strictly a book convention, but very book friendly. DragonCon celebrates science fiction, fantasy, and horror, and everything in between. This con is held annually in Atlanta, usually around Labor Day.

RWA Annual Conference – The annual RWA conference brings in the heavy hitters of the romance industry: agents, editors and publishers. If you are a member of Romance Writers of America it is a great place to network.

EPICon – A small but growing annual convention, EPICon’s focus is electronic publishing. Here you can learn about the growing industry and meet eBook publishers, and attend the annual EPPIE Awards. This con travels and is usually held in the early spring (2007 in Virginia Beach, 2008 in Portland, OR).

Remember, too, for every con you attend you can write off your promotional expenses!

Kathryn Lively

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Posted by mark - April 21, 2017 at 11:25 am

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which are the best book publishing houses?

and working on a book , and I will like one of the finest publishing house to publish my book. Please list them.

well i dont know really of any that are any good unlesss you feel like paying about 1,000 dollars to be published. being a published author i would say my publishing company is the best simply beacuase you dont have to pay them to be published. now they dont publish every book but they look it closely over. another good thing is if they do pblish you you get royalties for the books that sell. the address of my publishing company is

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Posted by mark - April 20, 2017 at 10:28 am

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Which is the best company for custom book publishing?

I want to publish a book, so I have searched on the net and I found the following:,

Do you know if those are the best or do you know which company is the one to go to publish a book? Thanks.

I suggest you look over this site. It lists a bunch of publishing scams:

My suggestion… If you really want to be successful with your book, is to take the traditional route of publishing. Get an agent, and sign on with a major publishing company. This is the safest way, and if you have an agent, he or she can give you advice on which companies are the best and try to sell your book for as much money as possible. And then when you sign on with a company, they help you with covers and marketing your book.

If you wanna take that route, first get an agent. 🙂

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Posted by mark - March 29, 2017 at 11:12 pm

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How to Make Your Own Comic Book : Publishing Your Comic Book On The Internet

Learn about the benefits of internet publishing when making a comic book in this free instructional graphic art video.

Expert: Dan Head
Bio: Dan Head is a veteran writer and small press comic publisher. He wrote and self-published his first graphic novel, Bronx Angel: Politics By Another Method, in 2005.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller

Duration : 0:1:5

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Posted by mark - March 22, 2017 at 5:12 pm

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Self Publishers Guide To The Best Cheap And Easy Book Marketing Tips

Whether you’ve just published a book or have a book that isn’t selling, now is the time to get to it; start marketing today! Self publishers need to have a good marketing plan to sell books and should be written prior to writing your book and in place a year prior to publishing your book. Your book selling, book marketing, and book promotion planning should begin before the manuscript is completed.

Your book press release should not be written as you would a sales letter or flier, it should be written for the editor and tell about your book in a factual way, no opinion or glowing remarks. Mail a press release to at least 1000 print and broadcast contacts just prior to publishing your title and again and again after you publish; you can never send too many.

Make sure you have at least one good press release, written in AP style, that you can send out for the lifetime of your book.

Using press releases can be a very effective marketing tool if used properly. Make sure your press release spells out the ‘who, what, where, when, and why.’ Learning to write and use powerful optimized press releases can often drive tons of traffic to your website while providing multiple back links that can lead to increased page rank and numerous top ten search engine rankings for your targeted keywords.

Don’t underestimate the value of a good press release for making book sales. Send out the same press release to the editor of your local daily newspaper every week until you are called for an interview or are written up.

Make five telephone calls a day that relate to marketing your book. Create an online contest and list it in online contest directories to drive traffic to your website. If your book solves a problem, focus on this in your marketing.

Get as many testimonials about your book, as possible, from experts in the field relating to your title, not customers; use on your fliers and back of books. I’ve seen publishers lose a lot of money paying for expensive display ads, so beware if you do this; I don’t advise it in the beginning — get your feet wet first so you know what you’re doing.

When you get a nice write up or feature about you and/or your book, have it laminated and set it up on an easel at trade shows.

Every day it’s important to focus on a variety of marketing approaches. If your book fits a specialty market, find a store that fits the genre and offer to leave books on consignment; many publishers have sold thousands of books this way. Make sure not to overlook the Internet; get yourself interviewed or profiled for sites both about writing, publishing and about the topics covered in your book.

Remember to make sure your book is listed in Books-in-Print; don’t assume its already listed. Submit articles to online article directories that focus on your book’s topic to drive customers to your website. Contact non-bookstore booksellers and offer to leave books on consignment.

Build a web site that provides another avenue for ordering, a virtual online press kit and link exchanges with sites that relate to your topic. Make sure to promote and market your book each and every day, both online and offline.

It’s important to publish a website that focuses on your title; you’ll be able to refer editors and customers and all interested parties to your book information with the click of a mouse. Local radio shows and television appearances are good but are often forgotten within hours of the broadcast; make sure to make or get a copy of any television broadcast for future promotions.

Make sure to do some serious marketing and promotion every single day, no excuses. Don’t delay another day if you’ve fallen by the wayside; make sure to focus on promoting, selling and marketing your book each and every day. One of the biggest problems self publishers and book publishers tell me about is the hundreds of books they have in inventory they haven’t set up a marketing plan for; don’t let this happen to you — get prepared now.

Helen Hecker

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Posted by mark - March 20, 2017 at 3:30 pm

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If I Were A French Quarter Rat by Sharon Denise Talbot Book Signings Scheduled | New Orleans

New Orleans

New Orleans

My latest childrens book “If I Were A French Quarter Rat” is enjoying much success in the New Orleans French Quarter.  This book is perfect for local “Quarter rats” and visitors alike. What an awesome souvenir of your NOLA trip or keepsake of the Crescent City sights and sounds that you have known and loved your whole life!   This whimsical trip takes you through the streets of our New Orleans French Quarter with Fats the Quarter Rat as your guide.  My daughter and illustrator, Laura Ashley Talbot, has completely outdone herself with original artwork depicting our beloved Big Easy landmarks.  We have had so much fun putting our love of NOLA into print for you to keep and enjoy.

Part of the thrill in creating my childrens books is being able to interact face to face with the people who buy them.  I am available for book signings and do quite a few right in the French Quarter boundaries.  I love meeting the people that visit New Orleans from around the world just as much as I do the locals who “get” the whole French Quarter rat thing. My little rat is pretty well traveled considering the book was just published earlier this year.

Several shops in the Quarter and through out the state carry both of the childrens books that I have out right now.  One of those shops is the 1850′ House Store where I have weekend book signings scheduled for the next few months.  The  1850’s House is a National Historic Landmark at 523 St. Ann, Lower Pontalba Building, Jackson Square, New Orleans. The Friends of the Cabildo operates the 1850 House Museum Store, the official gift shop for the Louisiana State Museum properties in New Orleans. The 1850 House Museum Store is located on beautiful Jackson Square in the historic Lower Pontalba Building. In addition to membership and fundraising endeavors, the Friends of the Cabildo is able to provide financial support to the Louisiana State Museum through the sales of their daily French Quarter Walking Tours and merchandise at the 1850 House Museum Store. At the store you can find handmade art, jewelry, pottery and crafts by local artists, books on everything from history to food to voodoo, exhibit-related merchandise from our museum properties and I am proud to say MY childrens books!

“I Love You Bigger Than The Sky!” and “If I Were A French Quarter Rat” are also available online through,, Barnes and, etc. For those of you who have both books, we are shooting for an early fall release of the next book. Stay tuned for more on books by Sharon Denise Talbot.

So if you are in New Orleans come out and see me!

Sharon Denise Talbot


New Orleans

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Posted by mark - March 9, 2017 at 8:18 am

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