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what is the best online creative writing class?

I’m looking for an online fiction writing class — does anyone have any suggestions for the best program?

I think University of Houston has one of the best creative writing program. :). Check it out. Or you can try School of Art Institute of Chicago. They have BA for writing Emphesis. Good luck!

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Posted by mark - March 31, 2017 at 11:26 pm

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Is there a way I can convince her to start blogging?

My mother keeps writing stuff in her diary, and it’s become a passion now. I got to know that she harbored a secret dream of becoming a writer. I told her that she should start blogging, but she says the computer isn’t for her.

Maybe she’s just uncomfortable with putting her life online. There are many blogs where writers are hired to make articles that have nothing to do with themselves. Check that out and show her that she could be a paid writer from her own home. That’s why the computer is so cool.

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Posted by mark - March 30, 2017 at 11:24 pm

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Which is the best company for custom book publishing?

I want to publish a book, so I have searched on the net and I found the following:,

Do you know if those are the best or do you know which company is the one to go to publish a book? Thanks.

I suggest you look over this site. It lists a bunch of publishing scams:

My suggestion… If you really want to be successful with your book, is to take the traditional route of publishing. Get an agent, and sign on with a major publishing company. This is the safest way, and if you have an agent, he or she can give you advice on which companies are the best and try to sell your book for as much money as possible. And then when you sign on with a company, they help you with covers and marketing your book.

If you wanna take that route, first get an agent. 🙂

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Posted by mark - March 29, 2017 at 11:12 pm

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Improve Communication for Effective Online Branding

Whenever we talk about the elements of online branding people start listing few names like, blog, social media, search engine marketing, networking etc. Do you think that having these elements in your marketing mix will make you a super brand!

If you are a twitter user, you will often see that hundreds of people are following you for no reason. Ok, they have a reason. Many twitter marketers think that once they start following you, you will also start following them as a return. Thus, if the twitter marketer follows 1000 twitters, he or she may get 100 followers in return.  Is it a good marketing strategy for your brand? Do you really think that those 100 people following you have any reason to uphold your brand?

The same thing happens with different social bookmarking websites. To promote a brand or business, marketers often start a new account in different social media websites and start bookmarking all the pages of their website. These profiles do not normally have anything to do with their personal choices and companies often support this on the ground that this is just an official space.

As far as blogging is concerned, many companies add a blog with their corporate website. They mainly use this blog to tell about their products or services. They often claim that as it is a corporate blog, it should only talk about their products and services. Some blogs even exclude the industry from their concern list. Now, is there any difference between these blog posts and a company sponsored advertisement or press release! Recent surveys by independent sources prove that people do not believe corporate blog as far as information is concerned. They prefer personal recommendation, online newspapers and even social networks more than a corporate blog. Just to add, if you run a blog just to talk about your products and services, how are you different from a press release syndicator?

We have another very interesting thing to note here. What if you install two blogs in your website and name them “news releases” and “blog” respectively! People will expect different things from those two links. A blog post (more personal) is different from a news story (more official) and people expect different things from these two.

However, after all, you are publishing your own stories in that blog and this reduces. This is enough to deteriorate the trust factor further. If you want to make the most out of a blog, make sure that you write about your industry there to win some trust from your target market.

Blogs and social networks do not necessarily mean that you are into “web 2.0” era. In web 2.0 scenario, people are bothered about the transparency in business. It is about opening up different avenues to communicate directly with the target market. It is less about selling product – it is about developing a lasting relationship with the target market in the most cost effective way and in a one to one environment. T is about winning the trust of your target market as a reliable source.

Once you can use these basic elements in your online branding and marketing mix, you will gain the edge over your competitors.

Steve McMains

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Posted by mark - March 28, 2017 at 10:03 pm

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Freelance Writing: The Most Practical and Profitable Markets

What you don’t want to be doing as a freelance writer is spending your time flogging your wares in all the wrong places. You don’t want to be fussing around putting your resume on or other types of job boards. There are very few places that post ads for freelancers on actual job boards. Actually I’ve found that post for jobs on these writing sites usually come to less than five a month.

Because we are looking at a self sustaining system for online writing income we need to get stuck straight into the proven profitable markets, which are:

1. Bidding on the auction sites
2. Selling yourself on the live advice lines and;
3. Self publishing

Consider these 3 areas to be the most recommended and reliable sources of income: by myself and other professional writers.

Auction Sites
As mentioned previously and are the main players here. They are both outsourcing forums that allow writers to post their profiles and bid on projects that are posted by buyers looking for projects that they want completed. These sites don’t specialise in just writing but all kinds of services that can be outsourced such as graphic design, website design and administrative services.

Both sites have different membership levels which will affect your bidding privileges.
Guru is the bigger of the two and has the cheaper membership rates but they also tend to pay less for jobs and their customer service isn’t as good as that at Elance.

DON’T bother with the free membership option at either site. You will only get access to the lowest paying jobs and will be competing with hundreds of others for work.

Charging For Phone Consulting is one of the largest and oldest live advice sites on the web with the money you make being directly deposited into your bank account every fortnight (or paid by cheque every month for citizens outside of the US).

They will allow you to post four free profiles per three allowed phone numbers which acts as a great business card for your online business. You can get work directly from individuals who call you on keen; they will just assign your over the phone. is a site of aggregated service providers that allows you to charge per minute for your own online chat. You can sell advice or consulting services in nay of several categories that relate to writing, of which there are a number.

Self Publishing allows you to upload content for sale on their site. It must be content that you have rights to and you can set whatever price and conditions you want on the sale. will let you upload ebooks for free and will even convert them into PDF format for you. Your customer has the option of having your book sent to them as hardcover or emailed to them in the PDF format.

Scott Salter

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Posted by mark - March 27, 2017 at 8:45 pm

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I have a business that I want to get a server for which server is best for a publishing online marketing,sales

Free advertisements?

You can advertise here for free:
Yahoo local on yahoos home page
Post a link to your site for free where it is allowed
Examples are:
Google Base
Classifieds for Free…
Text Link Exchange
Yahoo Classifieds
US Free Ads

You can also try article submission………………………………….…………………………………………

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Posted by mark - March 26, 2017 at 8:19 pm

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Common Mistakes in English – Choose & Choice

I always hear my students mixing up the noun and the verb when speaking about choice! Now, you can learn the difference.

Duration : 0:4:0

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Posted by mark - March 25, 2017 at 6:59 pm

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New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast 04 30 11

New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast

New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast New Orleans weather 10 day forecast

Welcome to the RubyRedRiter New Orleans weather 10 day forecast! This is your New Orleans weather 10 day forecast. It will be updated daily. The New Orleans weather 10 day forecast is a valuable tool for planning all of your New Orleans outings. While you are here in NOLA there are plenty of people to see, places to go and things to do and the New Orleans weather 10 day forecast will come in very handy. The weather in New Orleans changes day to day. This is because of the city’s proximity to water. This is one of the reasons the New Orleans weather 10 day forecast is so valuable if you are traveling to New Orleans. Don’t miss any of them. Make sure you are not caught unawares. Be prepared for the Louisiana weather changes. Quick and convenient, just check here before you make your plans for the day!

New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast High /
Low (°F)
Precip. % New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast
Apr 30
New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast Mostly Sunny 85°/72° 0 %
May 01
New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast Partly Cloudy 86°/74° 20 %
May 02
New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast Scattered T-Storms 86°/74° 30 %
May 03
New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast Scattered T-Storms 81°/59° 40 %
May 04
New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast Mostly Sunny 78°/61° 0 %
May 05
New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast Sunny 81°/64° 0 %
May 06
New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast Sunny 85°/68° 0 %
May 07
New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast Sunny 86°/71° 0 %
May 08
New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast Sunny 87°/72° 0 %
May 09
New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast Partly Cloudy 89°/71° 20 %

Good Morning NOLA! Hello Saturday morning . It’s the perfect day to head out to Jazz Fest 2011. Our  high will be in the eighties today.  Our rain chance is a mere ten percent today. It never hurts to keep the umbrella handy just in case, but I don’t think you will need it.  There is sun in the forecast which is always nice.  There is still lots going on in the city as usual.  Jazz Fest is finally here and the line-up looks awesome as usual. I hope you are making your weekend plans and it includes music.  The weather should cooperate so get out and enjoy.  We have a great week of weather ahead. We may have some scattered showers over the week ahead but all in all looks great. I will  be at the 1850’s House Store sigining books in a couple of weeks. I will let you know exact dates as I get them. So make plans to come out a get your personalized copies of “I Love You Bigger Than The Sky!” and “IF I Were A French Quarter Rat”.  Whatever you decide to do today, enjoy! See y’all in NOLA!

Sharon Denise Talbot

Don’ t forget to check back tomorrow for your New Orleans weather 10 day forecast.

New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast

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Posted by mark - March 24, 2017 at 6:42 pm

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The Telegraph integrates SEO boosting online readership at SES London 2010

Greg Jarboe, SEO-PR, interviews Julian Sambles, The Telegraph, who spoke on the SES London 2010 panel, No More Yesterdays News, Real-Time SEO. Julian talks about the importance of training editors and journalists to help them understand and integrate SEO into their product. Julian says the Telegraph is now prioritizing its copy focusing on online readership first and print readership second. The Telegraph now features influential blogs as part of its online presence. As a result of incorporating SEO into its product, the Telegraph has seen its share of the online audience shoot upwards, in addition to seeing its Web traffic increase from outside of the UK. Using search engines in an intelligent way, says Julian, has enabled the Telegraph to convert new readers to its website.

Duration : 0:3:37

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Posted by mark - March 23, 2017 at 6:20 pm

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How to Make Your Own Comic Book : Publishing Your Comic Book On The Internet

Learn about the benefits of internet publishing when making a comic book in this free instructional graphic art video.

Expert: Dan Head
Bio: Dan Head is a veteran writer and small press comic publisher. He wrote and self-published his first graphic novel, Bronx Angel: Politics By Another Method, in 2005.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller

Duration : 0:1:5

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Posted by mark - March 22, 2017 at 5:12 pm

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