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What are some of the advantages of newspapers publishing an online version of their paper on the Web?

The Internet has no boundaries (theoretically), so a newspaper can have readers worldwide. The Internet version is "printed" immediately as content is added.

The paper version can only be printed so fast, updates are slower to be delivered. The paper version is outdated as soon as it is printed. The paper truck and only drive so far to deliver the paper. Then you have the cost of materials to print, cost of running the presses and the cost of paying a driver along with fuel cost to deliver the paper.

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Posted by mark - July 31, 2016 at 5:13 am

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What blogging website had the least invasive ads for free-account users?

What blogging website had the least invasive ads for free-account users?
Or what blogging website is best for someone looking to start a professional literary blog?

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Posted by mark - July 30, 2016 at 4:40 am

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Video Blog #6: Distractions During Salat (Prayer)


Sometimes concentrating on the Salat (prayer) isn’t easy. You assume that Shaitan is going to distract you but it becomes even harder to focus when the person praying next to you is distracting you.

If you are interested in participating in the next show, please read the post from yesterday (July 6th) on

Duration : 0:8:0

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What sites can I go to learn about book publishing?

I’m writing a book, and I need help out sites that do publishing affordable at that.. if possible?

Number one–it doesn’t cost anything to get published! :>)

You send your book in to a legit publisher. If they like your work, they buy if from you and publish it and get it into stores.


The only place a writer signs a check is on the back, to endorse it!

This site is a SAFE writer’s board run by pros. It is free and they can help you stay clear of the sharks in the publishing pool.

Visit the 808 section of your library, as it has all the books on writing and how to get professionally published. You need to give yourself a 101 course in publishing so you don’t get ripped off by the bad guys. There are a LOT of them.

To find a legit publisher, go to a bookstore. Find books like yours. Look inside the front pages to get the publishers’ websites. Follow their submission guidelines to the letter.

Look up websites of writers with work similar to your own. See if they mention who reps for them. A short polite mail asking if they can recommend an agent is not out of place. Do not tell them about your book, that’s seen as poor manners.

The links below will help keep you safe!

DO NOT GO TO WORTHY OF PUBLISHING. It is a complete waste of time and effort and can mess up your chance of getting published. Here’s a warning from the watchdog group "Writer Beware":

DO NOT USE PublishAmerica. They’re the worst ripoff site of all. Just Google their name + "scam" for the horror stories.

Good luck!!

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Posted by mark - July 27, 2016 at 2:08 am

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IELTS Writing Essays 5

IELTS essays FREE DOWNLOAD Topic 1 e-book @ How to build your vocabulary and plan before writing using WORD MAPS. This video is for English students preparing for an English exam like the IELTS.

Duration : 0:4:58

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Truly and Surely, You Can Make Money Blogging

It seems like new information is discovered about something every day. And the topic of blogging is no exception. Keep reading to get more fresh news about blogging. For more detail go to: this is true. If the first outburst of blogging in the Internet was introduced for hobbyists, now, you can enjoy doing it, while earning thousands of dollars.

Yes, truly and surely, you can make money blogging. Realistically, the most you can make is a few hundred dollars a month that cannot be found on trees or scoffed at. Nowadays, the Blogosphere, a social network of bloggers, have provided more options and ways wherein you can maximize you’re earning potential by blogging.

Do you want to make money blogging? Then, choose an ideal blog site that will cater to your requirements for a blog, sign up, create a blog and publish it right away! Blogging sites allow you to build Blogs according to your tastes. Others have HTML and link options. Others have customized templates where you can change your blog page’s color and design.

In between signing up and creating a blog, though, you must know what subject to blog about. Your subject is an important consideration, so take your time conceptualizing before jumping into the fray. If you must know, the subject will be the determining factor how much money you can earn with the blog you is going to create.

Try to look for subjects or topics that pay more from per click among others. Check out Google Ad Words and Adsense to know how much each clicks on a subject costs. Google Adsense then allows you to place ads on your blog. Once a user happens to open your blog and click on the advertisement, you will earn money on it. Just that!

There is also the BlogAds services wherein allows you to gain control over the ads appearing on your blog. This service is not based on a pay-per-click system, meaning it will allow you to make money blogging regardless of the number of clicks on the ads.

This is because Bloats pay companies for the space of their ads for a certain period. Their sign up options are free and after joining, you can then determine what your advertising prices you will charge.

Once your offering is announced to companies, consequently, they will contact you for an ad space on your blog. Google, meanwhile, will place any ad that has keywords related to your blog. For more help visit to: which way, you are guaranteed to earn.

Other ways to secure earning from your blogging activities is to become an affiliate partner to another company. There is a popular affiliate program, which provides commission to its partners for every click on the ad, placed on their site/blog. You will also get a percentage from the sale of their product made in your blog.

There are plenty of affiliate programs with varied commission percentages. Others even offer profit sharing.

If you are blogging for a specific cause, you still can take advantage of it in a positive way. You can earn money blogging for a cause. You can ask people to give donations for a specific cause, though most of it will go to you.

You can use the Papal donation button and put on your site. There is also Amazon with its honor system that sets up a donation button for you.

Are picking up nice ideas already? Well, here is one you will definitely enjoy, how about making money through blogging about unique merchandise and then offering them up for sale simultaneously in your blog site?

There are people who would gladly spend for merchandise that are custom-made, unique and totally out of this world! Edit your blog headline into a catchy one, create your very own logo and then offer up these kinds of items with your logo in it. It will be a sort of brand tag.

There are online companies that allow you to design your own items and those that allow you to custom design your logo, too. You will see how it will boost your blog once people start wearing and using your items with your logo attached in it.

Do not just concentrate on one way of money – earning opportunity. You can even combine these methods and earn more.

As the photosphere develops, evolves and takes with it lots of internet users, so as earning opportunities increase by blogging. Just think, you will enjoy blogging as a hobby and earn in the outset, too!
That’s how things stand right now. Keep in mind that any subject can change over time, so be sure you keep up with the latest news.


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Teen Ink Online Writing Courses: Is it worth the tuition?

I’ve been looking for a good writing course, and just this morning I found the Teen Ink online courses. So, are they worth what you pay? Based on the website it looks like it is, but they can be a bit… Biased. What do you guys think?

i think its good just go ahead……… first do something and think more………

For online courses visit

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I really want to start blogging, what is a good site?

I want to start blogging about life and common issues. I would like a really good and common website. I started blogging last year on xanga and nobody was reading it. I’m a great writer and very interesting but how do I get my blog out there for people to read. I would really love for other people to read my thoughts and respond so I do I make it popular?

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What websites are for blogging only? Like writing journals but we can use a different name?

I wanna write stuuf like journals or bloggs, but not saying who I really am. Is there any website where I can do this? Websites for blogging or writing journals and get to post them online?

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New Models for Browsing

(September 26, 2008) Tristan Harris, Co-Founder and CEO of Apture, talks about several new models of browsing, including web 2.0. He also demonstrates how these models are being applied to applications such as blogging and large online publishing websites.

Tristan Harris dropped out of the Stanford Computer Science Masters program to start Apture. A Mayfield Fellow with the Stanford Technology Ventures Program in entrepreneurship, Tristan is an alumnus of Wikia and has two pending patents from his work at Apple Computer. When not evangelizing Apture, he spends his time playing Yann Tiersen music on the piano and dancing Argentine Tango in San Francisco. Tristan holds a BS in Computer Science from Stanford, with a focus in Human Computer Interaction.

Stanford University:

Stanford Center for Professional Development:

Stanford University Channel on YouTube:

Duration : 1:3:32

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