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Creating and Editing a WordPress Blog

How to create a wordpress blog. Get your domain and hosting at or learn more at

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Posted by mark - December 30, 2015 at 7:37 pm

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Steps for publishing a fantasy book?

I have had this story running in my mind for a while now, and am planning on writing it out soon, but after it’s written, what do I do? Who do I talk to and how would I get my book published?

First, write your story.

Edit your book many times to make it the best it can be, type it in proper manuscript form (visit to find out what is needed), consider joining a local writer’s group to get feedback from other would-be writers, and get it proofread by someone who knows what they are doing (don’t rely just on spellcheck). Edit it some more.

There are a tiny number of publishers that accept unsolicited manuscripts (those that don’t go through a literary agent), so getting an agent first is a really good idea.

At the library or bookstore is Guide to Literary Agents, published by Writer’s Digest, or Bowker’s Literary Marketplace (or visit Look for agents that specialize in your genre, and are looking for new clients. Read, and follow, their submission guidelines. In those books will be something about writing a query letter, which is what you send to the agent, first. It’s part synopsis of your book, and part explanation as to why your book deserves to be published. You have only that one-page letter to wow the agent, so take the time to make it a good one. Expect the whole process to take lots of time, and expect many rejections. When you are accepted by an agent, they will send your book to publishers, not you. The whole process is FREE, except for postage, until your book is bought by a publisher. That is when the agent gets their cut (usually 15%) of the money which would go to you.

If you decide to self-publish, then you will pay (potentially up to a couple of thousand dollars, depending on which publisher you choose). Also, the marketing of your book is up to you.

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Posted by mark - December 28, 2015 at 6:38 pm

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Successfully Publishing a Christian Book

Writing a book that caters to a particular audience – like the Christian community – is a direction taken by a writer to ascertain that they have applied not just a holistic approach towards successful distribution but also targeting it to the right market. The best part about writing a Christian book is getting them published and seeing it make a difference in readers’ lives.

The following guidelines will help you along the way when writing your Christian book.

First, try to conceptualize the kind of book you are writing. Penning a Christian book does not mean you can just babble off religion like it is daily fodder for the rumor mill. Christianity basically means living a life based on the teachings of Jesus Christ and holding true to the Christian faith. If you are to write a book with these essential elements, then you are already headed in the right path. Your book will be as lively as it is entertaining; inspiring as it is educating.

Second, your interaction with the Christian community adds to the foundation of your Christian values. Living the Christian lifestyle will always give you credibility as an author of a book on Christianity. However, communicating with a community of fellow believers will provide you with more knowledge and information on the Christian life that will be valuable for your written work. The truths that you glean from others will strengthen your book’s trustworthiness. Anecdotes will also give your book a personal touch as do quotes from real people.

Third, pray. Ask for guidance, focus and inspiration. If you are writing a book on divine matters, then you are going to need divine inspiration. Once you receive direction and guidance for your book, you can then begin your outline.

Fourth, be resourceful. Do not just rely on the Internet to help you with your content. Books about Christianity from published authors also are good content aids. Organize your materials and set a writing schedule. Add flavor by placing in your own experience with Jesus Christ – nothing beats personal encounters with the Lord in conveying your message to your audience. A detailed but not too lengthy testimonial will help you connect with your readers more.

Fifth, find a publisher. Once your manuscript is all set, search for a publisher and comply with their submission guidelines. Make sure they have services that will help you target your book to the right audience.

With these guidelines, you are well on the way to a becoming a successful author of a Christian book.

For more information, please visit , e-mail or call at 1-888-795-4247, to receive a free publishing guide.

Michael McCain

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Posted by mark - December 27, 2015 at 6:08 pm

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How to blog effectively with Lee Sherman, Intuit, at Connected Marketing Week, San Francisco 2010

Anna Marie Virzi, ClickZ, interviews Lee Sherman, Intuit, at Connected Marketing Week, ClickZ Blogworks Forum, San Francisco, 2010 on the subject of how do you guide an army of bloggers. Lee says integrates an editorial approach towards its blogs, bringing many outside voices and creating an online magazine. Lee says his company’s blogs incorporate editorial calendars, voice guidelines and style guidelines for writers. Mint’s blogs focus primarily on finance and in order to do so effectively, integrate information graphics to explain complex financial topics such inflation and/or how the FED works. Lee concludes with some tips on how to manage and guide a group of bloggers; these include hiring journalists, not marketers, creating compelling, entertaining and educational content, and finally promote your blog using social media tools and SEO to engage and attract your audience.

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Posted by mark - December 25, 2015 at 5:03 pm

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Seth Godin: “Rethinking the Publishing Industry” Pt. 2/3 (9/28/09)

Part 2/3. Renowned marketing expert Seth Godin spoke to the Digital Publishing Group, sponsored by DailyLit, on September 28 about the future of the publishing industry. He described some of the challenges facing book publishers and outlined his vision of what a successful future might look like.

Seth Godin is the author of 10 books that have been bestsellers around the world and have been translated into more than 30 languages. Permission Marketing was a New York Times bestseller, Unleashing the Ideavirus is the most popular ebook every published, and Purple Cow is the bestselling marketing book of the decade.

Due to a faulty camera battery, unfortunately we were only able to capture Seth’s main presentation. The Q&A session was not recorded.

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Posted by mark - December 23, 2015 at 4:32 pm

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Speeding Up in a Slowdown: Increasing Your Revenue Potential

Mel Ann and Tim, two AdSense Optimization Specialists from the Google office in Sydney walk you through a 5-step process to optimize the AdSense ads on your sites, and share tips that many publishers have found successful in part four of the five part Speeding Up in a Slowdown series. Speeding Up in a Slowdown is a five-week educational series about speeding up your online publishing business in a slowdown. Each Thursday from mid June – mid July 2009 we’ll share tips about using AdSense and other Google products, as well as general online publishing advice, that you can apply to your business today. Follow the campaign at

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Posted by mark - December 21, 2015 at 2:37 pm

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What is the book that comes out every year that is about publishing books?

Isn’t there a book that comes out every year that says recent publishing companies or something like that and talks about publishing a book?
thanx SO much!
I could not remember for the life of me!
I actually want the Christian writer’s market guide… thanx though

This is an EXCELLENT question!!! I sincerely hope someone can help you with this!!!

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Posted by mark - December 20, 2015 at 2:26 pm

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How do you write an amazing covering letter for a book publishing job when you have little experience?

I am applying for work experience at many publishing houses but i have no idea how to write a covering letter! I have an english literature degree and have just finished working (as a temp sadly) at a book store. I’ve been sitting here for hours and managed to wrote three lines!

If you look online, you will find a number of resources that will show you the basic elements of a good cover letter. The basics are as follow:

1. A strong lead-in that explains the position you are applying for and where you learned about the job.

2. A re-cap of the qualifications that make you an ideal candidate for the job. (This should NOT be a regurgitation of your resume. Rather, it should be a short bullet-pointed section that covers the qualifications listed in the job description.

3. A polite closing statement and an "ask for the order." For example, "I look forward to presenting my qualifications in further detail at a time convenient to you. I can be reached at (phone and email) to schedule an interview." Better yet, if you know the exact person you are writing to, say something like "I will contact you next Friday, DATE at TIME to follow-up with my application." Then, make sure you do it. They will be impressed by your confidence and follow-through.

If you send me a copy of your cover letter, I will be happy to look at it for you.

Good luck.

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Posted by mark - December 18, 2015 at 2:10 pm

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Second Income From Home – the Easy Way to Earn Money at Home Through Online Writing

Money-saving websites are among the coolest things to happen since the advent of the Internet. In the age of hyperinflation or the upswing of prices (as currency loses its value) that the world has not seen in decades, learning about ways to make extra money definitely makes a lot of sense. For some people, it is the only way to go if they are to make ends meet while sending kids to school or supporting their families.

One of the key strategies to stay afloat especially during an economic crunch is to scour the internet for the best ways to make money. Your decision to capitalize on your skills and earn extra money online will pay off after a short period of adjustment. To ensure that some tried-and-tested techniques to make money at home will take off on the right footing, you need to determine first your area of excellence. For example, if you have a knack for writing, you may choose to register in an essay writing site. You can assess what type of writing (academic or simple feature writing) may be required by clients who place their orders through such international research companies .

You can do your homework before signing up and offering your writing services. That way, you save yourself the headache of being paid late, or not at all, for original articles you eventually submit online. In most cases, though, reputable online research firms give writers the agreed upon compensation. Writing essays for international clients is a legitimate online money-making stratagem that writers of all ages, students or professionals, can opt for as a convenient way to make money at home.


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Looking for the Best Deals – Get Them at Online Auto Auction

Whether it be new or used, buying a new car requires plenty of thought. Nowadays there are plenty of options available to those looking to buy a car, but with the busy schedules that most of us have and only a limited amount of time, prospective buyers face a number of challenges, often having no real chance to thoroughly inspect the vehicle in order to make a judicious choice. However, one option exists today that can help to ease those difficulties, and this is all thanks to the rise of computer and internet technology. In today’s era of the information superhighway, online auto auctions are now available to everyone. By doing a simple search on the internet, prospective buyers will be able to find and benefit from the great selection of cars available of all makes and price ranges. One such site that has a full database of thousands of different cars up for bidding is Car-Auction. Individuals may also find their dream car being sold at government auctions, or even surplus auctions.

Online auctions are now a thriving business on the web. In today’s world of computers and globalization, anyone can participate in an auction while comfortably sitting at home, in the office or even at the library. Online auction sites now provide a user friendly interface and safe alternative in the process of purchasing one’s dream car. Prospective buyers can place their bid online in real time, all the while browsing through other catalogs and lists of cars. Online auction sites are useful because they save time, and there is no need to be physically present at a particular place in order to place a bid. Most wealthy people who are keen to buy top sports cars and luxury vehicles often use online auction sites to get the car they want.

Byers Automotive has created the Online Auto Auctions website which offers quality pre-owned cars and vehicles along with some highly sought after and specialist types of vehicles. Regular updates are being done on the site, and its interface is user friendly. Registration is free and Online Auto Auctions offers 24×7 customer support and service to their users.

Another added feature of Online Auto Auctions is its ability to host inter-state auto auctions. Users can also specify their bidding amount in advance for an auction while maintaining their security and authenticity. The process is simple, and the user simply needs to log into the site, browse the online catalog for the auction and then set up a proxy bid.

A proxy bid database records and stores all the proxy bids that have been placed for a particular item. The bidder will then be notified by the system via email if another bidder has outbid him.

In the past, dealers of new and used cars had to put an advertisement in the newspaper, or distribute flyers or catalogs announcing the vehicles to be sold. Today, the ease of publishing that the internet has allowed has changed each and every aspect of advertising a product. All information about an event or a product is but a mouse click away. This, in turn, has saved millions of people time and money.

Online Auto Auctions has proven itself to be quite a blessing to our society, and through the world of e-commerce, online auction sites such as this allow us to save time and money when we are looking to replace our car. Who knows? You might even stumble upon a rare discounted rate of 80% to 90% off the original cost of the item.

Zarqoo Zaimoo

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