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Teel Time: LIVE BLOGGING from Duke-Hampton in Charlotte

Teel Time: LIVE BLOGGING from Duke-Hampton in Charlotte
Crazy as it sounds, I’m thinking Hampton will be more competitive against Duke than Tennessee just was against Michigan.
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Blogging 101 and Google are free featured classes this week
TORRINGTON – The Register Citizen is offering two free community classes this week: Blogging 101 and What Can Google Do?
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Scott Walker is the New Face of Education Reform
I?ve been blogging about the events in the midwest a lot lately, and sometimes without any cle
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Civil Rights Groups Alarmed at Court Ruling Against Google
European lobby groups have expressed alarm at a Belgian court’s ruling that Google News violates copyright rules.
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Week In Geek: 9-15 May
A roundup of the intellectual, quirky, sciencey, techy and generally geeky happenings around town. Monday PUBLISHING : The hottest debate of the age (at least in media circles), is how to make online publishing pay , especially quality journalism. An all-star (at least in media circles) panel, including Evening Standard editor Geordie Greig, will assemble at City University’s Northampton Square …
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Asian Correspondent reaches Top 5 in Technorati Green rankings has continued its impressive rise as a regional news source, recently securing a Top 5 spot in Technorati’s Green Blog rankings. Already a regular in Technorati’s Politics Top 100 on the back of it’s insightful and original coverage of events in Asia, hit the Top 5 on the green blog listing in April
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The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Visa, MasterCard, Washington Post, The New York Times and Kraft Foods
The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Visa, MasterCard, Washington Post, The New York Times and Kraft Foods
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How One Children’s Book Writer Is Inspiring Children in Writing and in Art

Quantum physics for kids doesn’t exactly sound like the latest trend. But children’s book author Kimberly Wickham – the artist and writer behind the new Angels and Horses children’s book series sensation – is transforming the way parents, educators, and children themselves think about contemporary children’s literature, with a series of books and artwork that explores the whimsical, fanciful, and even mystical possibilities available to creative children today.

The Angels and Horses series, which is comprised of Angels and Horses, Summer of Magic Horses, and the upcoming Angels, Horses and Other Worldly Lessons, manages to combine the warmth and humor of a children’s horse story with hints of magic and an inspiring focus on positive and creative thought. Tina, our young heroine, begins the series as an insecure middle-schooler dealing with more challenges than she thinks she can handle, among them the illness of her mother and the taunts of bullies in the schoolyard. Her pet horse Dancer, her closest friend, gives her some solace, but Tina is still troubled. But when her guardian angel Marguerite arrives on the scene, Tina is introduced to the full metaphysical possibilities of the universe beyond the Cosmic Lattice.

But this isn’t the magic of “Harry Potter.” Rather, the ideas that underpin the Angels and Horses series are based firmly in the real-world concept of the “Law of Attraction,” popularized in self-help phenomenon “The Secret” – that at a quantum level, the universe is filled with far more wonder than meets the eye, and that positive thinking can genuinely affect the way the world works. Thus, the lessons that Tina learns can be practiced by children themselves – an exciting treat for children heartbroken that they never received Hogwarts entry letters on their eleventh birthday.

Wickham’s art, which ties into the themes of her book – from the “Cosmic Lattice” to her beloved horses, is available for purchase separately from her illustrations – in Giclee Print, Print, or Card format. The whimsical drawings and paintings bring Wickham’s ideas to life, and are perfect decorations for a child’s bedroom or classroom, or as greeting or Christmas cards.

Wickham’s writing and art is available through Trafford Publishing and at

Kimberly Wickham

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WordPress 3.1.4 Gets Clickjacking Protection
The open source WordPress blogging application is being updated to version 3.1.3 this week adding multiple security fixes and improvements.

The X-Man Chronicles: “What If’s”
NBA draft hopeful Xavier Silas is blogging about his journey through the 2011 NBA Draft, check out his latest installment.
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GailForce: Afghanistan Update
I’ve been off the blogging sphere for a while and consequently am playing catch up. Been training for a 25 bicycle race. Every Memorial Day weekend people come from all over the country to my small town in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and race through the mountains against the train that was used in the […]
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Where can I find online writing critique groups?

I want to have a longer work critiqued. It’s a SF novel. I was looking for an online group where I might post it chapter by chapter. Can anyone direct me with a link please? Thanks.

My favorite writing site is It’s collaborative fiction, so you have to be ok with other authors taking your story in a new direction. You can publish one or more chapters. Each chaptes is ranked and discussed separately. It isn’t a lot of money, but they also pay 50% royalties. Even if you don’t publish your main work, it’s a lot of fun to practice with other very talented storytellers.

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Can anyone give me links to websites that are employing minors for online writing jobs?

I need any kind of online writing job. I’m seventeen years old from the Philippines.

I don’t think they care how old you are as long as you write well.

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