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How to Creating Your Own Blogging Site?

If you have your own blogging site, for more detail go to: You can converse with someone and learn about their comments. If you have a blogging site, it will be easy for you to market yourself and make benefits from your products provided that it has all the important facts and that can keep your customer interested. Setting up your own blogging site means that you are creating a little space on the Internet where you can update and make posts on your own with just about anything that interests you. Of course, your blogging site will have variety of topics within your specialty. If you want to make money with your own blogging site, you need to have multiple blogs with different topics. If not, your blogs will be too messy if all topics were all posted into one blog. Now to have a good blogging site, you can post anything from your hobbies to your interests. There are lots of people who can get interested in reading your blogs. If your blog is interesting and can give knowledge to the people, they might visit your blogs more often. In having a good blogging site, you need to come up with interesting topics. It is important that you know your target and you know what they like to read about.

If you personally love dogs or a certain type of pet, you can write about it and post it in your blogging siteyou can include useful information that the readers may be interested about. Blogging sites are a good resource for knowledge and information. If not, what will be its use anyway? If you have your own blogging site, you can start using Ad sense to it. Ad sense program can give you enough money and increased traffic out of your blogging site. If you want to upgrade your own blogging site, you need to have at least 10-15 pages which have relevant contents. For more detail go to: You also need to have 5 posts on your blog.

To apply Ad sense in your blogging site, it should have an interface that is easy to use and it has to be clean. All pages must be working and it should not contain broken links or under construction pages. It should not contain popup and animated gifts. Your blogging site does not need professional designs. It can stay simple because designs are not the main requirement. If you have simple designs and a simple site overall, it will have more chances to get searched in the search engines. Users will also find your site easy to navigate because it is readable and not confusing.

Puneet Rawat

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How hard is it to get an publishing agent and to get an children book published???

I have a children book in mind, Where can I go to get it published?? I am clueless as it is when it comes to Publishing!
Any information would be great, thanks 🙂

Picture book, is what i have in mind. Not writing an novel! So someone say something positive.. Thanks 🙂

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but publishing a children’s book these days is next to impossible.

Let me describe for you the current nature of the children’s book market. I just finished ghostwriting nine children’s books for a very major sports figure – already sold to a very major Top Two NY publisher. The first is due out in July. I am currently working on my 10th one for him with others to follow. This information was given to me by a Senior Editor at the publisher I write for (one of the top 2 publishers in the country) …

This is how the children’s market breaks down.

40% of children’s books published today are by celebs like Madonna, Jamie Lee Curtis etc. Celebs can get anything they want published. Their names sell.

40% are written by existing, established children’s authors like Eric Carle.

15-20% are reprints of children’s classics like Curious George.

That leaves at best 5% for new authors and most, if any, who are selected are by adults. It is very rare for a 13 year old to make any inroads. It is very rare for ANYONE to break through the children’s market.

And that percentage is being cut into by adult authors like Carl Hiaasen and Mary Higgins Clark entering the childrens’ market recently. Most recently Snoop Dog started writing kids books!! HIs name sells books – yours doesn’t unfortunately.

To that, add the fact that most of the large publishing companies are backlogged with children’s books they have under contract but havent gotten out yet. It takes about a year for a children’s book to make it out. It usually takes an artist about a month a page to illustrate. So most publishers have their production schedules for children’s books filled out for the next few years.

As a result, most A list publishers aren’t even reading childrens’ books right now, which means agents arent either. Agents only read what they can sell.

There is very little room to break into the children’s market. Only books that are extremely exceptional and have huge appeal stand a chance. Forget any holiday related books – the selling season is too short to make money.

Take a walk through any major childrens’ book department and you will confirm what I am telling you. Getting a childrens’ book done is almost impossible – and getting an advance for it is virtually out of the question anymore. Unless you fall into one of those categories above. I am fortunate to have the backing of a very major sports star to get me in the door with kids books. I write adult novels, but believe me I have tried with kids books before and failed for exactly the reasons I list here.

Ghostwriting has gotten me in through the back door, and now I will be able to sell some of the children’s books that have my name on them. For now, someone else’s name is on the cover. Someone whose name sells books – big time. Don’t ask me how you can get a ghostwriting deal for a major sports star … I really backed into this. It was a gift from Heaven really and it is a blast working with this person too!!! My mantle is now covered with sports memorabilia worth a fortune!! I love presents. It has also led to 3 other ghostwriting jobs.

That is the nature of the beast. You might get a copy of Writers Market and search for some small publishers who are reading childrens’ books, but searching through the agents section, you will see that almost NO agents are reading childrens’ books. Try for some small publishers that read without going through an agent. Expect a lot of rejection. Develop a really thick skin and learn to advocate for yourself.

There is one shot you have. As you are searching through that book department, look for something that isn’t there. Research. Some kind of a topic nobody has written about. It would be something that teaches a lesson to kids in a fictional way, but that hasn’t been done before. Believe me – there are topics. I found one recently. I did a teleconference with the publisher I work with and he was thrilled. He wants te book yesterday. No such book exists. If you can find a topic nobody has covered before and write an exceptional book. you have a shot. Jamie Lee Curtis has been very successful with that.

Always remember that before you send anything to anyone, check them out. Preditors and Editors, Absolute Write Water Cooler’s Bewares and Background Checks, Writers and Writers Wall are all great sources and totally free – although if they help you, it is nice to contribute a donation. Someone has to pay for running the sites. If you do not see information on the publisher or agent in question, write to Dave K at Preditors and Editors, Victoria Strauss or James Macdonald at Absolute Write or Angela Hoy at Writers Weekly. They are happy to pass along any info they have to help you.

Also remember that the top ten publishing houses like the ones the answerer mentioned above do not deal directly with authors. They only deal with agents. If you send anything to them directly that is unsolicited (meaning they did not ask you to send it to them) it will get tossed into the slush room, a form rejection letter will get mailed to you and your material will be destroyed. They only deal with A List agents.

As for self publishing it with someplace like Lulu – it will get you nowhere. Self published books dont make it to bookstores. It is a financial black hole to self publish. I recently read about a woman who refinanced her house and spent over 70 thousand dollars publishing and promoting her children’s book. She has recouped less than 10% of her money and is in danger of losing her home.

The newest news in the world of self publishing is that Amazon is refusing to sell any books not self published by Book Surge – which they own. They are removing people’s BUY buttons. That just made selling self published books 5 times as hard. Publishers are fighting it with the government but I fear they will lose. Amazon is a company and has the right to sell whatever it wants.

Childrens’ books are impulse buys. What is out on the tables for kids to see is what sells. Kids don’t shop at websites for things like books. They have to hold them in their hand and nag Mom to buy it. The only way to achieve that is through a good traditional publisher. Self publishing will do nothing for you but take money.

I have starred a lot of great Q and A regarding writing on my profile. You can access it and print out the pages. Start a notebook you can refer to. There s a lot of good information here and I add more as I see good ones. I am doing it to help others. Feel free to use it. Add me as a fan and get the regular updates. Keep writing. Remember you have to need to grow a hide as thick as a herd of elephants. There will be rejection letters. That is inevitable. Gone With the Wind was rejected 37 times. Never forget that.


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How To Submit Creative Writing Online Using Submission Managers

How to make online submissions to literary journals and magazines (see also by Writers Relief. Learn how to submit using online submission managers when submitting your poetry, short stories, and essays to editors. Also, learn how to track your submissions. A great resource that will help you get published in reputable literary journals.

In this tutorial, well walk you through the simple steps of using an online form, also known as a submission manager.

To get started, youll need to have electronic files of the master copy of your work and a prepared cover letter.

Keep in mind where you have saved these files on your computer.

Many people choose to store files in their My Documents folder.

In an Internet browser, type in the Web address of the literary journal that you are submitting to.

From the homepage of the journal, find the Submission Guidelines tab, usually located in the navigation bar along the top of the screen.

Scan the journals submission guidelines for formatting or word count requirements.

Sometimes editors will ask for all poems in a single file. If you need help formatting your poetry for online submissions, check out our other tutorials.

Most journals will want short prose double-spaced, with twelve-point font, one-inch margins, and contact information on the first page. Make sure to follow each journals requirements.

Another common request is for files to be in a .doc or RTF format.

The link to the submission manager will almost always be included in the submission guidelines.

Click the link to access the online form.

You will find the journal submission form in the middle of the page.

The submission process will be faster and easier if you enable auto-complete in your browser settings.

In most browsers, this setting can be found under the contents tab.

This form is generally similar for all journals that use submission managers. You will only have to enter contact information one time for this journal.

If you are submitting poetry, type out the names of all poems in the submission title field, separating each title by a comma.

In the file field, click the browse button and find the master copy of your work on your computer.

Youre almost done. Just one more field!

The comments box is where you paste your cover letter or short biography. Copy the body of the letter from where you saved it on your computer.

Make sure to check that the titles are entered correctly.

If youve previously used your cover letter for print submissions, remember to take out any references to self-addressed, stamped envelopes and enclosures.

Unless otherwise noted in the submission guidelines, it also helps to personalize the letter by adding the name of the editor next to Dear.

However, some journals prefer Dear Poetry/Fiction/Nonfiction Editor if they have a rotating staff.

Using first and last name is the preferred etiquette; avoid gender-specific titles, such as Mr. and Mrs.

Once all of the required fields are completed, double-check your information. Then press the submit button at the bottom.

For most journals, youll have the chance to preview the information before finalizing your submission. Very important! Take one last look to review all of the information to make sure that everything is correct.

If there are any errors, you can fix the information in the form below.

The very last step is to click the Continue button.

Remember: This is a very important step. Your work will not make it to the editors desk unless you click continue!

After you click the continue button, you should see a confirmation notice that your work has been received.

If the window does not change or you receive an error message, make sure to complete the form again.

You should also receive a confirmation e-mail in your inbox.

Our clients appreciate how quickly they can check on the status of their online submissions.

To confirm that your submission has been received, go back to the submission manager and log into the form on the top left of the browser.

The title of your work, the date it was received, and its current status should appear.

Thats it! Congratulations! You have successfully made an online submission!

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Where can I find a good, active writing critique group online?

I need someone besides me to look at my writing for feedback purposes but I don’t like to wait days/weeks at a time for a response. I mainly write science fiction. So what is a good online writing group that will critique my chapters? is my favorite. It is collaborative fiction, but I think this makes it more fun.

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30DC Day 15 – Micro Blogging Part One Ed introduces micro blogging. Find out more about the 30DC here:

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New Orleans Weather 10 Day Forecast 01 08-11

New Orleans Weather 10 Day Forecast 01 08-11

Welcome to Who Dat? Do Dat! New Orleans weather 10 day forecast! This is your New Orleans weather 10 day forecast. It will be updated daily. The New Orleans weather 10 day forecast is a valuable tool for planning all of your New Orleans outings. While you are here in NOLA there are plenty of people to see, places to go and things to do. Don’t miss any of them. Make sure you are not caught unawares. Be prepared for the Louisiana weather changes. Quick and convenient, just check here before you make your plans for the day!

High /Low (°F) Precip. %

Today Jan 08 Mostly Sunny 59°/43° 0 %

Sun Jan 09 Rain / Thunder / Wind 49°/37° 80 %

Mon Jan 10 Cloudy 46°/36° 10 %

Tue Jan 11 Partly Cloudy 51°/34° 10 %

Wed Jan 12 Sunny 49°/33° 0 %

Thu Jan 13 Sunny 51°/37° 0 %

Fri Jan 14 Partly Cloudy 58°/49° 20 %

Sat Jan 15 Partly Cloudy 64°/51° 10 %

Sun Jan 16 Showers 67°/49° 30 %

Mon Jan 17 Showers 63°/52° 60 %

 New Orleans Weather 10 Day Forecast

New Orleans Weather 10 Day Forecast

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Can anyone recommend a good book publishing company?

I am about to write a book and I’m looking into various publishing companies to publish through. A friend of mine used Publishamerica a few years ago and was quite happy with it but, i was wondering if anyone on here had any other ones they would like to recommend?

Publish America and any other vanity press will be your worst nightmare. He’s probably satisfied with PA because he doesn’t know how real publishing works. Once he finds out then he’ll be just as pissed off as many other former PA victims, er, clients. Companies like PA don’t make money off selling your book, and that’s not their goal. They make money off the authors who write those books. I’m sure your friend was asked for a list of family and friends when he signed up with PA. PA then sent those people requests asking that they buy your friend’s book. That’s not how real publishing work. PA should have also offered your friend "good" deals to get him to buy his own book. Real publishers don’t do that either. Do you see anywhere in that scheme where PA is trying to sell your book to the public? No? Because they’re not. If you’re okay with buying tons of your over-priced book then go right ahead and sign on with PA, especially if you’re okay with signing over publishing rights to your book for 7 years. Some people have also reported that PA has ripped them off by under-reporting royalties, but then again, you’re not going to sell many books if you’re only selling over the Internet, it’s not being promoted and you’re only hitting up family and friends to spend their hard earned money.

If you want to self-publish then use a company like – it’s MUCH cheaper in the end. has a whole section dedicated to the monstrosity called Publish America, so have your friend check it out. It’s under the Writer Beware and Background Checks section.

Don’t worry about publishing until you’ve completed your book. Saying you’re going to write one is the easy part. Most people who attempt to write a book never finish, so don’t become that statistic and don’t put the cart before the horse.

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Is A Legitimate online Publishing company??? Can I trust them?

I want to publish a small sample of my story in order to put it on my wed page, without having to worry about some one stealing my work.
Is A Legitimate online Publishing company???
Can I trust them?

Preditors and Editors reports that they offer an honest description of their services on their website. That isnt exactly a recommendation from P & E, but they feel Lulu is at least honest about what they do.

I have read a couple articles about it

Basically this is POD – Print on Demand. If someone orders a copy of your book, they will print one up.

Read and decide for yourself. It isnt for me, but for some people it may work. They will print anything from your book to your local church’s calendar. Shrugs. It aint Little Brown, but so far I dont see any complaints from clients. Keep watching the writers warning sites . C.

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McClure Publishing, Book Publishing Seminar

mrmiketman, Publishing, SeminarMcClure Publishing, Book Publishing Seminar

Duration : 0:1:33

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Self Publishing Secrets: The Metallica Method – Are you giving your work away?

In 1982, an unsigned Metallica gave away copies of their demo No Life Til Leather, and actively encouraged underground tape to tape trading of the recording to get the crowds talking about their music.

Self Published free stuff is a powerful tool. Crafted carefully and employed strategically as a social marketing tool, it can be easily used to build success in your creative career.

THE MILLION DOLLAR CHALLENGE: a social networking project committed to helping select entrepreneurs make US$1m! Find out more here:

Speaking of free stuff: the background I used for this video music is 8 Bit Junkie by George Wood, available for free download under Creative Commons:

Duration : 0:4:53

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