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What’s the perfect name for an online writing group/network?

I’m hoping/planning to start an online writing network on ning but I have NO IDEA what to call it. Ideas? Please?

I already answered in Twitter, but I will repeat myself. “Pens that Defend” is totally cool. Well, maybe not cool, but it does rhyme. What is more important then rhyming?

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Posted by mark - May 24, 2012 at 12:24 pm

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“Humble Homes, Simple Shacks…” A Peek at Micro-Architecture and Self Publishing Your Book (#1)

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen, host of “Tiny Yellow House” TV, gives a look at the contents of his recently published micro-architecture/redneck-carpentry/thrift-living/salvage and recycled construction book “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks, Cozy Cottages, Ramshackle Retreats, Funky Forts (And Whatever The Heck Else We Could Squeeze In Here”)- Tiny Yellow House Press. The book has been featured on NPR (National Public Radio), in Readymade Magazine, by Make Magazine, on Tiny House Design, Tiny House Blog, on the blog/site of Shelter Publications head Lloyd Kahn, and beyond.
Derek also talks of his brand new musical track, co-written with Bill Bracken (also of the band Age Against The Machine) about their brand new track “Anklelock: Comin’ To Get You”- featuring the vocals of Gary Cherone (Frontman for Extreme, Van Halen, Tribe of Judah).

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Online Publishing by YORGOO Press

Online Publishing by YORGOO Press Demo by Yorgo Nestoridis. The clip shows the bahavior of embedded media such as YouTube Videos and Images into the online Newspaper Site YORGOO Press and “The YORGOO Times”. View life at and

Duration : 0:4:42

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Posted by mark - May 18, 2012 at 9:36 am

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Secrets for Writing and Selling on Internet Marketing

Thank goodness online writing is so different from compositions that we had to do when we were in school! Lucky for us, our reader is not a critical schoolteacher, red pen in hand, grading our work. Instead, our online readers are real people, for more detail go to: Just like you and me, who want to learn something and get inspired?
Years ago, I practiced at writing “corporate speak.” My proposals and reports where carefully crafted to keep out EVERY aspect of my own personality, thoughts, and feelings. I got so good at it I could have been dubbed the “Step ford Writer.”

The great thing about writing is that “it’s only words!” You can change them. (I love that!) Words give you the power to persuade, influence, and inspire your clients. Word power is an unbeatable way to get prospective clients to hire you, attend your next teleseminar or buy your information product!

So, how do you write from the heart AND sell your message online? The following internet marketing tips were derived from the years that this marketing coach has been doing just that!
If I try and edit as I write, I quickly find myself under the thumb of my inner critic. (After all, we all have one!) For more detail go to: Why not send your inner critic on a coffee break? How? Get rid of him by just writing; leave the editing for later. Getting those first words out is the toughest part of writing internet marketing pieces, so just get to it.

Before I start writing ANY internet marketing piece (even a simple email announcement for an upcoming teleseminar,) I take a moment to focus on the key emotion that I want to evoke. Is it inspiration? Excitement? A hunger for more? Don’t try and rein in your natural energy or personal viewpoint of the topic. Believe me; people go online to read something that is strong, even provocative. If you find yourself saying, “Oh, I can’t say that on the internet,” then please, say it. It’s you, it’s authentic, and people want to hear it!

As my Jewish grandmother would say: “Quit trying to be so perfect already!” Whenever I’m stuck, (I can tell I’m stuck when I have re-written the same sentence for the information product three million times,) I call my mom, an incredible writing coach. The one question she always asks me is, “What do you want your cyber audience to know?” After I’m done telling her she follows up with, “So write THAT!”
You know that voice inside your head that is busy chattering all the time? Now is the time to put her to use! Try having a conversation with that voice about the topic you’re struggling to put online. Then just type up the conversation. I know this tip sounds a little wacky, but it’s what I use to keep my internet marketing fun, upbeat and very personal.

Maybe you love to write, or maybe writing seems daunting to you. Either way, online writing is nothing more than speaking from your heart. Rather than worrying about your cyber writing, spend your energy telling people what you REALLY think. Do it in writing and you’ll make a lasting impression that is certain to pull more business from the internet?

Vivek jhamta

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Posted by mark - May 17, 2012 at 8:29 am

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Is self-publishing a book worse than going through a company?

I was doing some research and I need to know which is better. I have not seen a bestseller self-published book; so does that make going through a company better? Does that make your book more successful?
Thanks in advance for the help.

I read an interesting article about self-publishing on Wikipedia. There are different types of self-publishing and true self publishing is where you do everything yourself: you pay for the book to be printed, to design the layout and cover, you do all the editing and marketing. Self-publishing makes up an extremely small portion of actual book sales, but I have heard about the rare book being self-published and then later being picked up by a major publishing house. There are self-publishing companies that you can pay and they will publish the book under their name, but you relinquish control over your book, for instance, you won’t have control over the design and title, and you won’t own the rights to the book, even though you’re paying to have it published through them.

With a traditional publishing house you at least get the benefit of everything. They do the editing, marketing, and professional cover design. You don’t own the rights to your book, but you get royalties. There is a higher chance of your book ending up on the shelves of major bookstore outlets and getting press releases for it.

I’ve heard most people who self-publish end up with lots of their books in their garage collecting dust because they weren’t able to sell them. This is because with a lot of self-publishers you have to have a certain number of books printed depending on the package you buy.

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Posted by mark - May 13, 2012 at 6:19 am

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Where can i find a book publishing company in Louisville, Ky?

My sister wants to publish her novel and shes an amateur in all cases of the word. I wanna help her out but don’t know how to go about getting a book pended or published so if there are anyone who has published a book please show me the light.

Hi. Your sister is extremely talented at a young age. It is actually a good start if she gets to have something published and distributed to the market this early. I would suggest that you scout for self-publishing companies that provide services that will cater to your sister’s book’s requirement. A picture book with illustrations and text is ideal for the type of book she will submit and I know that Xlibris does top quality picture books.

Your sister’s book will be published, protected and distributed globally for everyone’s buying perusal. The good thing about self-publishing companies is that they are Print On Demand and your daughter’s book will be listed under a database for a lifetime.

At such a young age, her career will be geared into writing, publishing, book signings and who knows.

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Posted by mark - May 8, 2012 at 3:33 am

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Web to Print: Gutenberg Online


Print, like Marketing, has gone online and digital. Technology makes them powerful allies!


Web-based Marketing


There is no question that the Internet has revolutionized the world of marketing. It has dramatically lowered Marketing’s cost per contact and significantly enhanced its reach. It not only provides new ways to contact potential customers, online marketing also encompasses digital management of customer data and support systems that facilitate customer relationship management. Web marketing’s most powerful feature, however, is its ability to provide direct and immediate customer feedback to the marketer as a driver of the Web 2.0 phenomenon.


Web-based Printing


Long time print industry veterans often cry the blues as they see many traditional print applications replaced by online and digital technologies, including “threats” like email marketing and more recently Web 2.0.  However these same technologies have driven a whole new generation of business communication opportunities, many of which still drive print.  Printing is not dead by a long shot, it has just changed format and the future of the print business now belongs to the nimble and the tech savvy – printers who understand the implications of landing pages, open rates, blogs and twitter.  Customers still have business communication challenges and still need innovative solutions, and in many cases the most effective solutions still involve ink (or toner!) on paper.  Online digital printing, or web-to-print, does not refer to a newer generation of Internet technology, but rather to the growing trend by business to take full advantage of the Internet by building applications and services around its unique features. Web-to-print applications are an integral part of this process, for both B2B and B2C markets.


What is Web-to-Print?


Web-to-print, also referred to as remote publishing, is the new typesetting and plate making – but without the typesetting and plate making! It refers to the use of a web interface to create, personalize, approve and distribute print-based marketing collateral. The promo piece can be a postcard, brochure, letter, flyer or even a large poster. The user logs into a secure online interface, chooses a specific print product from an online catalogue, selects an appropriate pre-designed template and then customizes the relevant areas of the piece by entering text, uploading personal images and graphics or selecting them from an online library (Digital Asset Manager).


The final piece is then approved, a delivery method selected and if a distribution list is needed it is uploaded from either a client list or an integrated online CRM platform. The job is paid for with a credit card, the shopping cart closed, sent to a digital printer for production and then delivered to the shipper, often within 48 to 72 hours.


How Does Web-to-Print Work?


Web-to-print is enabled by the web but is a result of the flexibility of the digital printing press. This print technology makes it possible for each printed impression to be unique. It dynamically merges the variable data from the client database with a digital template (Portable Document Format, or PDF) from the online library to complete the personalized document, eliminating the need for traditional printing setup (plates, films, chemicals). This variable data printing process enables thousands of individually customized pieces to be printed in one run, using digital presses such as the Hewlett-Packard Indigo, Xerox’s iGen and Eastman Kodak’s NexPress.


The power of web-enabled digital printing is its ability to support cost-effective personalization and one-to-one marketing, either as an individual personalized print project, a standalone mailing campaign or as a component of a multi-channel marketing strategy also involving web and email marketing.   Not bad for a “dying” industry!


Integrated Marketing That Leverages the Combined Strengths of Print and the Web


Printed direct mail or web-to-print can also be integrated with web response pages where recipients of print pieces produced online are provided with a unique “PURL” (Personalized URL). The PURL page can call the viewer to action in a number of ways including a request for online information or a follow-up contact, updating their contact information, answering a survey relating to the seller’s products and services, registering for a promotional incentive, or even providing a link directly to an ecommerce site where they can buy products.


Once the online PURL form is submitted the customer contact information, “click through” path and survey data are captured by the customer database / CRM platform, used to update the customer’s profile and preference records, and are immediately available to drive intelligent personalization in new printed or online marketing campaigns. Analysis of this data (Analytics) provides an unprecedented opportunity for integrated and highly personalized marketing campaigns, leading to better response rates and new revenue opportunities.


The “old” and the “new” don’t need to be at loggerheads when it comes to communication strategies; leveraging the strengths of print and the web together in an integrated strategy actually delivers a broader reach and stronger results than the individual technologies on their own.


Tim Mischuk

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Blog Action Day 2007

What would happen if every blog published on the same topic on the same day? Blog Action Day aims to find out. On October 15 2007, bloggers around the world unite for one day to change the conversation. To find out more and get involved visit

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