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I’m self-publishing a picture book; can you recommend a publisher?

I’m self publishing picture book with my diverse family and their vacations. Can you recommend a publisher?

Try if you want to self publish your books.
It’s a new site, but compare to the other two more famous self publishing sites: and, it has its outstanding advantages:
1. It provides an online book builder so that you can purely make your book online without downloading any software and install.
2. The book builder provides free and easy to use book page templates in all themes so that you can create your book easily by starting from the templates.
3. It provides clip arts, background and other art Gallery for authors to use freely.
4. It allows authors to upload and convert word, powerpoint or pdf file into (part of) books.
5. It provides online book reading so that all people can read your book online (you can also control the privacy so that only friends can read it, or not readable by others)
6. It provides book widgets so you can share your book on myspace, facebook or other social networks. You can also share your book through email or social network messages.
The best way to learn about Bookemon is to become a member and upload some photos, explore the site and share your creations with your friends. Our membership and utilities are all provided free of charge and there is no obligation to buy. The only cost to you is when you decide to order bookstore quality books that have been published by you, your friends or other members. (Any copy number is OK!) Welcome to Bookemon, Make Books Your Way has never been more enjoyable and easy.

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What is blogging and how do I do it for free?

I want to start blogging so how do I do it for free?

GO Here :

I use it all the time to write blogs to.

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Copywriters – How to Promote your Copywriting Business Online

Are you a copywriter who runs a copywriting business? Do you need to find more clients? Do you want your target customers finding your web site online and contacting you through your web site to hire you? You can accomplish this if you have an effective online marketing system for your copywriting business.

Here is how you can create a marketing plan for your business to get more clients and make more money online:

– Find a target market for your copywriting business. It is extremely important to know who your target market is when you start marketing it. If you do not know who your target market is, you will not be able to promote your business online effectively.

– Create a professional web site for your business. When people hire a copywriter, they hire a professional. Therefore, if you want to get clients online for your business, you need to present a professional business image.

Your web site should have professional look and feel and it should have information about your business and the products and services that you offer to your customers. It should be easy for your potential customers to contact you through your web site.

– Use your web site to explain what you do. Copywriters can perform different services. Some ghostwrite. Others write articles. Yet others write web copy only.

Make sure that you discuss the copywriting that you do on your web site. This way your potential clients can read this information and decide whether they need your services or not.

– Publish a newsletter for potential customers. Your customers might not hire you immediately. Therefore, you need to be able to keep in touch with your potential customers, so that when they are ready to outsource copywriting, they can hire you.

Publishing a newsletter is the best way to keep in touch with your potential customers and let them know about your business.

– Publish your articles online. You are a copywriter, so you should be able to write articles for publishing them online. You should do that because publishing articles is a great way to promote your expertise and get more web site traffic.

Your articles are great for getting links to your web site. Getting links to your web site is extremely valuable in online marketing, because they help drive additional traffic to your web site.

If you need more clients for your copywriting business, use the online marketing techniques we discuss in this article.

Biana Babinsky

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Posted by mark - April 27, 2010 at 9:26 am

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How to Choose the Best Title for Your Self Published Book

Authors, self publishers and book publishers often spend a lot of time thinking over possible titles for an upcoming book they plan to publish and rightly so. There are some basic considerations to keep in mind when choosing a title, assuming you’re publishing a non-fiction book.

The most important thing to remember is to choose a title that describes exactly what the book is about. Some of you may think this is common sense. But many publishers I’ve talked to have chosen titles that don’t give you any idea of what is in the book.

Many times publishers come up with cute, clever or humorous titles that offer the prospective buyer no clues.

Bookstores don’t like to carry books that don’t say exactly what the book is about. After all, many customers browse the spines of books on the bookshelves in search of the information they need.

Say your book is about repairing Volkswagen engines. If you pick a title like “My Life with Cutie Patootie” instead of “How to Fix Your Volkswagen Beetle Engine”, you’re signing a death warrant to your publishing efforts.

I recall a case when two titles came out about the same time. Both had the same title – “When the Bough Breaks.” They were similar in content but who knew what gems might really be inside. The books never had a chance without a descriptive title.

Publishers often find themselves in this ‘title’ dilemma after they publish their book. They have two options. Go back for another print run with the new title or continue to throw money down the drain and market the ‘heck’ out of the book. Granted they’ll sell some if they’re persistent but nothing like the rewards a good title would bring.

In any case, you want your title to be simple and exact for the search engines. And a ‘how to’ in your title guarantees you a lot more ‘hits’ from Google and the other search engines. After all, people use Google to search for information they need NOW – help that fills their needs, wants and desires. As a result, traffic will increase to your website or any other website that carries or mentions your book.

Besides bookstores and Google, librarians like titles that describe the book exactly. They’re likely to order more copies for their patrons. Librarians don’t necessarily order just one copy. They order multiples, for the main branch and all the branches. Don’t overlook them as a good source for sales.

I’ve seen many titles make or break publishers with great marketable non-fiction books. In some cases they were forced to change the title and go back for another print run – expensive. Some couldn’t afford to do it. They were stuck with a garage full of books on pallets. Don’t let this happen to you.

Knowing all of this, if you absolutely can’t bear the thought of giving up your ‘working title’, then use it for the sub-title. But using it as the title will guarantee a slow but certain death to your publishing and marketing efforts.

The title is the most important decision you’ll have to make when you publish a book.

To be safe, authors, self publishers and book publishers need to make sure they choose the best title for their book – a title that says exactly what their book is about. What it contains. No guesswork. And a ‘how to’ in the title will never be outdated or go out of style. Everyone will appreciate knowing what the book is about and a lot more copies will be sold.

Helen Hecker

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what is the coolest free blogging site to be on?

I love to blog and am sick of myspace. I want to find a free site for blogging that is considered young and cool. any suggestions? is a real good blog site . i just started it would like to personally invite you. you can type anything you want from your personal life to something that funny to the serious thing in life . All that i require from my blogger is that you keep a REAL PERSPECTIVE ON LIFE . PLEASE JOIN THIS HUMBLE COMMUNITY.

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Do you Need Help Promoting your Adult Book?

You’ve just had your first erotic book published. Or, maybe it’s your second or third, it really doesn’t matter. You’re feeling excited and ready for the next step as a published author: Your book’s promotion online.

You settle down in front of your computer and start to look for places to submit your book listing to but, it doesn’t take you long to realise there’s a big problem. You discover that your book, because of its subject matter/genre, is not accepted on 9 out of 10 of the book listing sites on the internet.

So, what do you do? How can you successfully market your erotic/adult book online if you are unable to list it on all these sites?

Well, this is where I come in. By searching endlessly for suitable places to list my adult e-book, Inner Sins, I’ve saved them all in my favourite’s folder for future reference. In this article I have listed some of them here for you, so all that you have do is to visit them and submit.

Easy! So, get ready to start promoting!

123 Storymania Direct

‘With StoryMania Direct you can sell your work directly to the public & buy works directly from authors.’ Listing includes Songs, Biography, Business & Finance, Children, Cooking and Romance to name a few. Create an author account for free and submit your book details including a cover image.

Articles Corner

Despite its name, this site is more than just an article directory. It lists e-books, articles, books, classifieds, tools and links to help you promote your book. Create an account for free, list your books, create a classified ad and take advantage of the resources available to you.


‘The Free E-book Promotion Site.’ This is one site I’ve saved but have not yet submitted a listing. This is for two reasons: a) I’ve yet to receive a review for Inner Sins and b) At the time of writing, they’re not accepting new reviews as they’re currently updating the site but it’s still worth keeping an eye on.

Author Promote

‘The site where authors can promote their published books and e-books as well as share publishing successes.’

Free to create an account and list one book. If you wish to list more books and unlock some added promotional features then you can upgrade for a one time fee of $25. Also, has links to articles about book promotion and marketing.

‘…offers news and commentary; reviews of software, hardware, and content; a lending library; community forums; a huge e-book directory; reading lists; publisher listings, and much more.’

Free to create an account and list your book with an option to purchase the premium service if you wish. There is also a chance to request a review for your book.

Digital Fiction Links

Lists all possible genres of fiction. Doesn’t have a category for non-fiction, however. Free to submit and list.

HED: Hunt’s E-book Directory

Has a wide variety of categories including romance, erotica and gay & lesbian. I seriously wish there were more sites like this one. It also offers a topsite and banner exchange for extra promotion for book sites.

For ease of promotion it’s a good idea to bookmark all of these sites or, even better, save this article for future reference.

By listing your book on most if not all of these sites, you can be assured of increasing your books exposure and your future sales. Good luck!

Carrie White

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Writing For The Web

Today I talk with Rocky Lewis, a long-time web writing expert. She gives you the 3 main tips for writing for the web. So often companies try to apply their off-line writing expertise to the web. That is faulty logic. Watch this video to see what you need to be doing differently for online writing.

Duration : 0:7:15

Read more…

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What is a good linux for blogging on a old computer?

What is a good linux were It is just for blogging that would run really good on my old computer with 1gig of proccesor and 180mb of ram and I have a 20gig secondary hardrive I could use as virtual ram on it so is there a really good linux with a bunch of blogging tools that would run good on that?

i would go with xubutu, its made for old computers and laptops

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What items are needed for self-publishing?

I mean self-publishing as in Publishing a book.

What certain items will you need?
How much would they cost?

When I self published, the items I used were:

Computer with software for typing, editing, layout and conversion to pdf format. As mine was photo intensive, I also needed a camera and photo editing software.

In addition to physical items you need to have the skills and knowledge to be a publisher. You need to be able to do layout, editing, printing and marketing.

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Do you know of any free online writing contests?

I have been writing a book for quite a while now, and have since spunn off several derivative short stories. It would be fun to submitt them to see what kind of reaction i recieve to my style of writing. Let me know if you by chance are interested in reviewing a piece yourself. That would be apreciated.
thanks xsilenty, i’ll give it a try!

This is a link to a contests database. Maybe this will help lead you to something you are interested in. Best wishes!

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