How To Make Money From Your Blog

You’ve been blogging your fingers off for a few years now, and despite the ego rush of watching your hits soar, you’re wondering what’s the point—or, rather, how do I make some cold hard cash from this thing?

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Make Money Online by Writing

Writing is an important element in earning recognition on line. Learn the art and science of writing to promote your business opportunity.

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Is Writing Articles The Only Way To Succeed Online?

Certainly not!

Many different ways exist to succeed with an online business. All of them will require a learning curve to use properly and effectively.

1 – Online Advertising

Traditional advertising still exists. There are many owners of websites who would be more than willing to sell you space on their site for your own site’s promotion.

You will need to learn how to determine the value of this kind of advertising. How much traffic is generated? What kind of traffic is generated? Does the traffic convert to sales? Is it worth the money being spent?

2 – Online and Offline Word of Mouth

This is basically a free form of advertising. The concept is simple, if you know enough people and tell them, they in turn tell others and so forth. Before long many people are checking out your website.

Another similar technique which is an electronic method of spreading the word is thru the use of forums. You must be careful with this technique however, as it may be considered spam by many forum moderators and / or viewed negatively by forum members.

Many website forums offer sections specifically for advertising. They may charge a price, but it is usually not very high.

3 – Pay per Click

Many online businesses are extremely successful using pay per click campaigns with the search engines. Traffic can be nearly instantaneous and depending on the campaign large amounts of traffic can be generated.

This again is another technique you need to learn and understand before attempting. If not done properly it could possibly be one of the quickest ways to max out a credit card with no return on investment.

4 – Email Opt-In Lists

Many online entrepreneurs would say this is the only way to succeed online. They will give away products or information simply by having the visitor add their email address to their “electronic list” using a website form and then confirmed by the visitor via their email address, otherwise known as opt-in.

The idea is that once their email is on the “list”, newsletters can be sent out many times with links to products they are selling. With this technique the visitor could possibly be sold many different products earning the online business owner far more income than only one initial product sale might produce.

Indeed, there are many success stories with this online business model. For it to succeed you need to have a large list of subscribers, good sales copywriting and products for resale.

5 – A Good Linking Strategy

It has been said that the links between different websites form the back bone of the internet. Search engines value links highly, especially one way links, and rank sites higher in their results which have a large number of links.

Website owner, naturally, figured this out and took advantage of it to gain increased exposure to their website. They participated in a form of linking called “reciprocal linking”. They would ask a different website owner to add a link for them and in return they would link back.

This linking strategy worked for a while, but soon the search engines caught on and filtered this “fabricated” linking out, resulting in many site owners losing traffic.

Linking with relevant sites can still produce much traffic. It does again require a learning curve on how to do it properly and how to be rewarded from the search engines in terms of search results ranking. It also requires time for this method to work to its full potential.

People have succeeded in many other ways including blogging, free publicity and even by printing their website in various locations offline.

Articles are typically associated with online success from the phrase “Content Is King!” For many websites and users it is hard to beat the value of articles with the content they provide.

Many people are looking for information. They are not ready to spend money. However, capturing their attention by giving them the information they are looking for helps to draw them in and prepare them to spend their money.

Why not have them spend their money on your site? Feed them with information from your articles and reel them in!

Craig Ritsema

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New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast 03 31 11

New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast

New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast New Orleans weather 10 day forecast

Welcome to the RubyRedRiter New Orleans weather 10 day forecast! This is your New Orleans weather 10 day forecast. It will be updated daily. The New Orleans weather 10 day forecast is a valuable tool for planning all of your New Orleans outings. While you are here in NOLA there are plenty of people to see, places to go and things to do and the New Orleans weather 10 day forecast will come in very handy. The weather in New Orleans changes day to day. This is because of the city’s proximity to water. This is one of the reasons the New Orleans weather 10 day forecast is so valuable if you are traveling to New Orleans. Don’t miss any of them. Make sure you are not caught unawares. Be prepared for the Louisiana weather changes. Quick and convenient, just check here before you make your plans for the day! 

New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast High /
Low (°F)
Precip. % New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast
Mar 31
New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast AM Clouds / PM Sun 70°/56° 20 %
Apr 01
New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast Sunny 82°/62° 0 %
Apr 02
New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast Partly Cloudy 82°/65° 20 %
Apr 03
New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast Mostly Sunny 83°/71° 0 %
Apr 04
New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast Isolated T-Storms 85°/71° 30 %
Apr 05
New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast Scattered T-Storms 78°/56° 40 %
Apr 06
New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast Mostly Sunny 75°/60° 0 %
Apr 07
New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast Mostly Sunny 78°/65° 10 %
Apr 08
New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast Scattered T-Storms 82°/66° 60 %
Apr 09
New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast Partly Cloudy 82°/66° 10 %


Good Morning NOLA!   Okay what happened to our spring weather? It was a little chilly if you were out last night .  That was  really a little suprise for some of the area.  The clouds should move out by this afternoon leaving us with a little cooler temps. Grab a jacket or a sweater before you head out. Now our rain chances have decreased for the next few days.   The forecast is showing more rain for later in the week too. It is only suppose to be isolated thunder storms but be prepared.  I will have the umbrella at the ready but there is plenty of cover in the Quarter.  What’s a little rain after all? The sun should make its appearance again just in time for the weekend. There will be lots going on as usual.  I am taking a break so I will not be at the 1850’s House Store this weekend but will be back on the Square the following weekend. So make plans to come out a get your personalized copies of “I Love You Bigger Than The Sky!” and “IF I Were A French Quarter Rat”.  Whatever you decide to do today, enjoy! See y’all in NOLA!

Sharon Denise Talbot

Don’ t forget to check back tomorrow for your New Orleans weather 10 day forecast.

New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast

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Writing an Online Dating Profile: Common Pitfalls to Avoid

When writing an online dating profile, there pitfalls that you should avoid as they may well cost you love of your life. Some common pitfalls include:

1. Laundry List:

Yes, complex beings we are, with wide and varied interests. But you don’t need to put each and every one of them in your profile. Four to five activities that mean most to you and are integral to your life suffice.

2. Shopping List:

This is related to 1 above, only that you make a long list of demands that your prospect must have or meet. Some online dating profile lists of demands simply cannot be met by someone from planet earth. Be realistic.

3. Lies:

The biggest complaint about online dating is about all the liars out there. People lie about their marital status, age, profession, income and so on. These lies eventually catch up with them, inflicting deep wounds and even lifetime scars on either or both parties. Be honest.

2. TMI (Too Much Information):

Don’t spill every little detail about yourself in your ad.

First, if you lay everything out on the table right away, you’ll have a hard time finding things to talk about later.

Second, a little mystery in a relationship helps strengthen the interest in both parties. Take your time in finding out more about each other.

3. Bragging:

Nobody likes a show-off. But how, you might ask, do you write positively about yourself without sounding arrogant? Well, be objective as opposed to being subjective. Avoid self-aggrandizing commentaries like, “I look great”, “I am successful”, “I have a great sense of humor”, and so on.

4. Cliches and Other Overused Phrases:

Guess what? Almost everyone enjoys “fine dining” and “long walks on a moonlit beach”. You’re not inviting a response when you list things like this. Using these phrases will make you seem unimaginative, if not outright boring. Put some thought into what you really enjoy doing and list things that make you stand out from the crowd.

5. Loser Words and Phrases:

Avoid using any of the following words or phrases in your personal profile:

a) “I’m tired of being alone” – This paints you as desperate and can set you up for responses by manipulative people.

b) “If you want more info, ask” – The whole response/reply process assumes this. Adding this line indicates laziness on your part to think about the content of your ad.

c) “I’m honest” – Even the most compulsive of liars won’t admit to being one, so there’s really no point in saying this.

d) “I’m no good at these things” – Few people consider themselves particularly gifted in writing personal ads. Like a) above, this reads like unmotivated filler text.

e) “I can’t believe I’m doing this.” Well, guess what, you are! Get real.

6. Shouting:

Typing in all capital letters is not only hard on the eyes, but also annoying to most readers. Also, on the Internet this is considered shouting. DON’T SHOUT! (See what I’m saying?).

7. Sexual Innuendo:

Save the sex talk for later communication, when you and your date become more comfortable with each other. What you intend as a cute remark may inadvertently be taken the wrong way.

8. Berating Former Relationships or Partners:

Almost everybody has gone through a relationship that just didn’t work out (I doubt there’s anybody who hasn’t). Don’t whine about what you didn’t get out of your last relationship. This is not the time or place to vent.

9. Unfamiliar Words:

Don’t try to show off vocabulary you do not have. The easier to read your personal profile is the better. Conversation-style writing that brings out your personality works best.

10. Negativity:

You want to come across positively. Talk about your positive aspects and traits. Leave the negative behind.

There you have ten common pitfalls to avoid when writing an online dating profile. And while you are at it, don’t forget to check your spelling and grammar.

David Kamau

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What’s the best software for online publishing that doesn’t cost a fortune? Any free programs to download?

What would be a good website to check for ONLINE PUBLISHING free software? The current file is in Acrobat. Can I edit and then re-publish using that program?

There are several different types of online publishing…. eBooks, blogs, websites, etc and each has its own specific software requirements. It also depends on what operating system you have. Without knowing these details it’s difficult to offer specific advice. However, you might find something here that meets your needs. They’re all open source (free) software: is one of the larger hosting sites for open source projects

You could also check some of these hosting sites as well:

As a bonus, since your current file is in Acrobat, you’re probably using Acrobat Reader. You might want to check out this free alternate utility from Foxit. It’s fully compatible with PDF files and doesn’t use up near as much computer resources.


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Good Major Book Publishing Companies for 15 Year Olds?

I wanted to know if there were any major book publishing companies, you know, like Wizards of the Coast and all that, that a 15 year old could join?
I want someone who will be able to publish what I have written, someone good/popularish.

I suggest self-publishing. It doesn’t discriminate any age group or whatever.

There are several schools of thoughts about it but I see it as a writer’s strategy to get his or her book published fast. The author also has full authority over the manuscript.

Xlibris is a self-publishing company that has a really good reputation on its excellent and wide ranging publishing services.

Get a free book publishing guide from them and they will walk you through the whole process:

I hope you find this information helpful.


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Successful Self Publishing – February 2007

Successful Self-Publishing

Issue 2: February, 2007

Inside this issue:

How to get your book into stores.

Pitching your book to retail bookstores and chains can be a time consuming and frustrating process. In this issue, we help prepare you for increased chances of success. Read more.


How to get your Book into Stores

Getting your book successfully onto the shelves of a bookstore is easier said than done. Major bookstore chains are notoriously difficult to win over. Even smaller bookstores, where your chances of reaching the person with the purchase authority are more likely – are still very choosy and cautious. Especially when presented with new books from unknown authors.

Without the representation and backing of a major publishing house, you will be entirely responsible for every aspect of this process. Promoting your book to stores is not complicated. But it can be a long and disheartening process that requires persistence, staying power, determination, conviction and total

belief in the ‘great read’ quality of your work.

Identify your targets

The key to successfully selling into a bookstore is to start small. Identify and target smaller local bookstores and boutique stores specific to the topic of your book. Aim to saturate your entire local market place. Having a measure

of regional success will also help in convincing larger chain stores that your book is a worthwhile commercial product, suitable for a national and even an international marketplace.

Develop and prepare your pitch

Initiating contact and approaching bookstore buyers in the right way is essential. Sending an initial ‘sales package’ followed up by a polite phone call, is probably the most effective platform for getting your foot in the proverbial door. The package should be based on a carefully developed sales letter, accompanied by a complimentary copy of your book.

By sending a package through the post, you are allowing the bookstore buyer time to absorb and consider your book and proposal. When you call a week later, you are then ‘warm calling’ rather than cold calling – as they have already had initial contact from you. They are a lot more likely to be receptive and interested. Getting your sales letter right is vital. Keep it at two pages maximum, and ensure it contains all the following core points:

* Introduction: introduce yourself and your book, and state that your reason for contact is to enquire as to their potential interest in purchasing your book for stock.

* Book summary: a short (one paragraph) summary of the core plot of the book

* Book commercial impact: state who would want to read your book (target audience) and why (USP)

* Your credibility: clarify any background and experience you have in writing, or your specific experience and authority in the subject matter.

* Pricing proposal: put forward your proposal for the retail price of the book, and bookstore commission or preference for outright purchase.

* Business development: state that you are engaging in a comprehensive marketing programme for promotion of the book, and that the marketing plan is available for them to review.

* Guarantee: state that you will offer a full refund for books purchased outright, that do not sell within a specified timeframe (8-10 weeks)

Know what the bookstores want

Referencing to your marketing plan within the sales letter is important. It indicates your proactive and professional business approach to the sale of your book. Bookstores will want to know what you are actively doing to promote your book. They do not like to sit on dead inventory. If they feel confident that any books they buy from you can be promoted and sold through marketing and promotional activity directly driven by you – they are more likely to purchase.

Create strong relationships

The founding principle behind successfully selling anything is by establishing genuine and positive human connections. Taking the time to initiate and cultivate lasting relationships with bookstore owners and buyers will dramatically increase your chances of getting your book on their shelves.

Even if initially, they feel your work is not right, by presenting yourself as a professional and credible author and self publisher – they are significantly more likely to be open to being pitched on any subsequent projects you may develop. Even if they do say no the first time, keep the relationship open and positive. Send a short follow-up email or letter thanking them for their time regardless. It could pay dividends in the future.


Terence Tam

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Online Promotions Gives Traditional Advertising a Run for Its Money

Think TV and Radio advertising and you’re thinking high priced promotions – Sure these are two of the most persuasive media systems in use for endorsement, but they’re commonly way outside the bounds of people’s publicity funds. Top-end publishing advertisements are also expensive options. Securing ad space in best-selling papers in the form of a smallish line or boxed ad, comes at a substantial cost. The abovementioned media is unarguably valuable, but the publicity a company can expect to be given is oftentimes temporary. The advert may be put on the air on the TV or the radio, but statistically it has been confirmed that the most prolific reaction to such endorsements only comes subsequent to repeated airings. And that has a heavy price attached to it.

            The net brings a more reasonably priced base from which to create corporate advertising. Capable of giving companies all the rewards of television, radio and print advertisements, it does so economically. With the use of video recordings, audio files and text, when the promotional material is exhibited on the net, it is present for as long as the advertiser states it need be. This demarcates the difference between the two options –  in a very significant way from the requirement to maintain publicity in a ‘real’ environment.

            Many businessmen and women now accept the concept of the World Wide Web as the vehicle most suited to their promotional needs and with a promised audience-ship of around 1.4 billion citizens, it’s clear why they do.

Qualify now for your FREE information Kit

            For a tiny proportion of the price of time-honored media promoting the Internet affords advertisers the chance to aim toward an immense customer base. Many commercial enterprises are enthusiastic about getting online and however it is not sufficient just to be online. If a given Internet site does not feature as a highly ranked one on search result listings then the site may be overlooked – measures need to be taken to rectify the problem.

            Making the most of their cyber-presence and publicity opportunities is something many business neglect to attend to. Giving up expensive ‘real world’ advertising will realize considerable savings for businesses and in today’s inconstant pecuniary climate it is especially judicious to plan the way our money is spent. Knowing where to make cuts is important, it’s not appropriate to trim back certain expenses. The clever businessperson knows that the very best place their money can be invested is on good assistance in reaching an uppermost position for their commercial endeavors. Potential customers need to build familiarity with companies and the services or commodities they offer – this is exactly what is expected from any publicity or advertising strategy.

            But…  who can help with heightening your online presence? This sort of decision must be regarded as industriously as the other kinds of choices made about all other matters of business.

            The most distinguished companies who lay claim to over a decade’s experience in assertive e-marketing is Canada-based Internet Solutions Company WSI. They’ve formulated all kinds of Internet resolutions for small and medium sized business the world over, with stunning success. This is why they’ve been granted abundant honors. Referred to as the No 1 business in the field, in addition WSI proffers franchise possibilities – So, if you feel that being involved in the resolution side of Net commerce would be right for you there’s good news –  their franchise openings are on sale globally and for the very sensible all inclusive fee of only $49,700.

Qualify now for your FREE information Kit

            With a massive move toward of E-commerce as a replacement for real world concerns WSI renders answers to a wide-spreading assortment of people: new and old businesses who want to gain steady ground online or have a total package created for them, and a superb professional career prospect for anyone who is looking at being in charge of their working life and beating the recession.


Elizabeth Miranda

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The Magic of Appreciation

There are only three states of being we run around in all day long. If we could be even a little more aware of which one we’re wearing during each moment of the day, we’d have a big leg up to changing our vibrations.

Victim Mode

This is the oh-dear-they’re-doing-it-to-me-again-and-there’s-nothing-I-can-do-about-it frame of mind where we go nowhere but around in negative circles, forever magnetizing the same old same old.

Flat-Lining Mode

In the Flat-Lining Mode, we’re neither down nor up, just bumping along on second-rate gas. We’re not flowing our energy to anything, and surely not attracting anything. In Flat-Lining we’re not only living the results of our own erratic flowing of energy, but that of everybody elses. (Like attracts likes, remember?) Very unpleasant! And what most of us do most of the time.

Turned On Mode

Now you’re up! You’re on! Your high frequencies are no longer attracting the negative vibes of others. You’re fueled with the pure positive energy of well-being, vibrating in harmony with your Expanded Self, flowing positive energy out and pulling positive events in while being wrapped in unsurpassed safety and security.

Victim Mode, Flat-Lining, or Turned On, we will always find ourselves in one of the three. Our goal, of course, is to make it the Turned On Mode as often and as long as we can, which is why we look to the high, high energy of appreciation.

The vibration of appreciation is the most profoundly important frequency we can hold, for it is the closest thing to cosmic love that exists. When we’re appreciating, we’re in perfect vibrational harmony with our Source energy, or God energy — call it what you will.

You can jump-start it, or you can jam straight to the feeling, it makes no difference. What’s important to know is that one minute of flowing the intense energy of appreciation overrides thousands of hours spent in Victim or Flat-Lining Modes.

But take care! No fair just thinking appreciation. That won’t wash. Thinking is out, feeling is in. You can’t just make a decision that you’re going to appreciate something and let it go at that. There has to be that surge of significant emotion flowing up from the depths of your being for this to work.

But neither does that mean you have to have just been saved from a life-threatening incident by 911 rescue workers to feel deep appreciation. In fact, flowing appreciation is really no big deal. You can flow it intensely to a street sign if you want. Don’t laugh, I do that all the time stay in shape. Like any skill, flowing energy requires constant practice, and there’s something so absurdly satisfying about flowing buckets of love, adoration, and appreciation to “SLOW: MEN AT WORK.” I flow it to stoplights, billboards, birds overhead, a tree stump, a dead animal, a winter storm, and of course, to people.

Sometimes in the supermarket I’ll pick the meanest looking low-life I can find and just open up and douse the unsuspecting soul with the highest vibration I can muster. Maybe it’s appreciation, maybe it’s honest-to-God love. One time I did that to a scroungy old biddy who looked like she’d rather eat me than let me pass. I blasted her, and in that very moment she wheeled around, searching angrily for whatever she felt hit her, while I smiled back in pure innocence.

That’s my “Hug-A-Bum” game where I envision me and a perfect stranger on the street (or wherever) rushing into each other’s arms like we were old best friends who hadn’t seen each other for ages. You start with acceptable “targets,” like someone you wouldn’t mind sitting next to at a lunch counter if you had to. Then you move up, bit by bit, to targets that are increasingly difficult for you socially, until finally it doesn’t make any difference what kind of slobs they are.

You just see — and deeply feel — the two of you joyfully recognizing each other and flying together in this gigantic bear hug as profound love surges between you. I don’t know how many people I’ve done that with while walking down a street, and watched them turn around to look for whatever it was they felt.

The vibration of appreciation is also the highest, fastest vibration we can use for attraction. If we would shoot appreciation at anything and everything . . . all day long . . . we’d be guaranteed to have heaven on earth in no time, living happily ever after with more friends, more money, more beautiful relationships, in total safety, and closer to the God of our Being than it’s possible to fathom.

Reprinted from Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting: The Astonishing Power of Feelings by Lynn Grabhorn. Copyright © 2000 Lynn Grabhorn. Published by Hampton Roads Publishing Company. March 2003;$16.95US; 978-1-57174-381-7.

Lynn Grabhorn

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