What is a blog?


An example of a blog showing its features and how it is different than a “traditional” website.

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Blogger: How to start a blog

Step by step instructions for starting your own blog. Visit http://www2.blogger.com to start a blog.

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New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast 02 06 11

New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast

New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast New Orleans weather 10 day forecast

Welcome to the RubyRedRiter New Orleans weather 10 day forecast! This is your New Orleans weather 10 day forecast. It will be updated daily. The New Orleans weather 10 day forecast is a valuable tool for planning all of your New Orleans outings. While you are here in NOLA there are plenty of people to see, places to go and things to do and the New Orleans weather 10 day forecast will come in very handy. The weather in New Orleans changes day to day. This is because of the city’s proximity to water. This is one of the reasons the New Orleans weather 10 day forecast is so valuable if you are traveling to New Orleans. Don’t miss any of them. Make sure you are not caught unawares. Be prepared for the Louisiana weather changes. Quick and convenient, just check here before you make your plans for the day!

New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast High /
Low (°F)
Precip. % New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast
Feb 06
New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast Mostly Sunny 63°/49° 10 %
Feb 07
New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast AM Showers / Wind 53°/34° 70 %
Feb 08
New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast Sunny 53°/43° 0 %
Feb 09
New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast Showers 59°/33° 40 %
Feb 10
New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast Few Showers 42°/30° 30 %
Feb 11
New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast Sunny 47°/33° 0 %
Feb 12
New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast Sunny 51°/41° 0 %
Feb 13
New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast Sunny 58°/47° 0 %
Feb 14
New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast Partly Cloudy 62°/48° 20 %
Feb 15
New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast Mostly Sunny 64°/48° 20 %

Good Morning NOLA!  Here comes our second sunny day in a row.  Whoo Hoo! Highs in the sixties today for our Super Bowl Sunday!  If you had an outdoor tailgate kind of party planned it will be great weather for the festivities.  A big change from a couple of days ago.  We will have a few a.m. showers tomorrow but nothing in the forecast for today.  Low tonight in the forties  with overnight temps falling back in the thirties for next few nights after.  Get out there and get your errands run before it’s time to take your spot in front of the big game.  The menu at my house will consist of wings, chili, and gumbo with various and assorted finger foods. I don’t know about you guys but I will be wearing my Saints regalia even though we are not in the hunt.  Geaux Saints!  There is always next year.  No matter who you are pulling for enjoy you Super Bowl Sunday and I’ll see you in NOLA!

Sharon Denise Talbot

Don’ t forget to check back tomorrow for your New Orleans weather 10 day forecast.

New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast

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How Writing Articles Online Can Help Beat the Credit Crunch

Times are not easy, and writing articles online can help you get through this difficult period. The credit crunch is affecting just about everybody right now, and there is a way to use articles other than in traditional article marketing. Not that there is anything wrong with article marketing, but it takes time to make money from it since it is a longer term process, designed to enable you to make best use of a website or other online presence.

That might be a blog or even a Squidoo lens, and article marketing can be used to promote these so that you get better listings on search engines – if you know how, that its. It does not, however, give you the immediate injection of cash that you need. To do that by writing articles, you have to sell the articles. You have to make money from them directly, not use them to promote a website that in turn is promoting another product.

If you have a reasonable grasp of the English language, then there is no reason why you cannot make money online through article writing. Article ghost writers charge from $10 to $50 for each article they write, and can make lot of money. If you write just 8 articles at 700 words for $15 each that earns you $120 daily. Work for just 20 days each month and you are earning a total of £2400 extra every month. You can write a 700 word article easily in under 30 minutes, so that is only 4 hours work each day.

Start after your evening email, write for 4 hours, and you won’t have to worry about any credit crunch – $2400 will see to that. And guess what! You can use some of that money to buy yourself into some pretty good online earners that only those with a good cash flow can afford to pursue. There are several online money-making programs that need an initial joining fee, and then a monthly membership thereafter.

Or just spend it on whatever catches your eye. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it, yet it is entirely achievable. First you must learn how to write articles. If you are good at English it will give you a head start, but you still won’t be able to just start writing articles for money, because there are certain techniques that must be used to optimize the articles for the search engines, and you will have to learn how to use keywords properly.

You will also have to learn what Google means by terms such as LSI (latent semantic indexing) and duplicate content – really means, not just the opinion you might have read online. Many people have no idea what Google is referring to by these terms, yet they think that they do. There is no place for opinion when you are writing for somebody else, and you have to learn all that you can about such terms. It’s not difficult, but you need the right teacher.

Some people think that article ghostwriting is an easy job, and get very surprised when their customers refuse the articles they have written. That is because they haven’t learned all they could about writing articles for people to use online. There is also a big difference between articles written as website content and written for article directory submission. They have to be written in different ways, and that has to be learned. You should be looking for an online writing course, and there are free short courses available if you know where to look.

However, once learned then you will never be short of money again because when you need a few extra dollars just advertise your services, start up a website or register with Elance for work. The best way, however, is to get a blog going, or a Squidoo lens. These are free of charge and once you get a good number of visitors or followers, you will always find somebody wanting to hire your services.

The number of people seeking ghostwriters for writing articles to promote their website is growing by the day, and the credit squeeze and difficult financial situation have resulted in an increasing number of people trying make their fortunes online, and to do so they have to promote their websites. Article marketing is the best way to do that.

So, whether you are a budding writer wanting to make a few dollars or have a product to sell that you have to promote, it is important that you learn about article marketing and about writing articles online for use either as website content or to submit to directories to attract traffic to your site.

Peter Nisbet

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The Long Tail Of Search – Self Publishing 2.0

Publishing online and drawing visitors from search engines is a perfect example of Long Tail behavior. The majority of your search traffic will come from unique phrases people search on, rather than a few super popular key phrases.

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Best Tips For Book Marketing For The Self Publisher

Assuming you’re a self publisher or book publisher and you’ve already published your book, you need to immediately implement a strong, no-holds barred, book marketing and promotion strategy to sell your books fast. Your book selling, book marketing, and book promotion planning should begin before the manuscript is completed. Self publishers need to have a good marketing plan to sell books and should be written prior to writing your book and in place a year prior to publishing your book.

Your book press release should not be written as you would a sales letter or flier, it should be written for the editor and tell about your book in a factual way, no opinion or glowing remarks. Press releases can generate thousands of dollars in sales when picked up by national trade or print media. Using press releases can be a very effective marketing tool if used properly.

Make sure you have at least one good press release, written in AP style, which you can send out for the lifetime of your book. Send out the same press release to the editor of your local daily newspaper every week until you are called for an interview or are written up. When picked up by wire services, a press release can easily end up generating hundreds of mentions for your book.

Mail a press release to all the trade journals in your field over and over again; you can use the same release. Don’t underestimate the value of a good press release for making book sales.

When you get a nice write up or feature about you and/or your book, have it laminated and set it up on an easel at trade shows. Create an online contest and list it in online contest directories to drive traffic to your website. Remember to make sure your book is listed in Books-in-Print; don’t assume it’s already listed.

Get as many testimonials about your book, as possible, from experts in the field relating to your title, not customers; use on your fliers and back of books. Market your book to your number one market first, and then go after the secondary markets. If your book fits a specialty market, find a store that fits the genre and offer to leave books on consignment; many publishers have sold thousands of books this way.

Build a web site that provides another avenue for ordering, a virtual online press kit and link exchanges with sites that relate to your topic. Submit articles to online article directories that focus on your book’s topic to drive customers to your website. It’s important to publish a website that focuses on your title; you’ll be able to refer editors and customers and all interested parties to your book information with the click of a mouse.

Make sure not to overlook the Internet; get yourself interviewed or profiled for sites both about writing, publishing and about the topics covered in your book. Every day it’s important to focus on a variety of marketing approaches. Offer to trade writing a monthly column in a trade publication in your books’ genre, in trade for display ads on the same page.

Local radio shows and television appearances are good but are often forgotten within hours of the broadcast; make sure to make or get a copy of any television broadcast for future promotions. Make five telephone calls a day that relate to marketing your book.

Print and online publications provide longevity to your marketing campaign in terms of having something tangible for people to reference ongoing. Make sure your sales letter or flier is first class; this is your formal presentation of your title to the prospective buyer.

Make sure to test, test, and test some more before you lay out large sums of money. The success of any book marketing effort depends on a good book and just plain hard work; its been done many times before and you can do it too. I hope this article has provided you with helpful tips to accelerate your book marketing and book promotion efforts.

Helen Hecker

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MySoCalledSite: hey babe what happnen?

NutLover54: juss got home from work, munchin on walnuts

MySoCalledSite: yum

NutLover54: Harlen scrounged up all our change to buy a few groceries.

MySoCalledSite: good omega 3 fats in walnuts

NutLover54: yeah

MySoCalled Site: im readin my crazy moms blog

NutLover54: yesterday I ate some for breakfast didn’t feel hungry the res of the day. how funny my mom would never write a blog

MySoCalledSite: lots of protien and the right fats do that huh?

NutLover54: guess so

MySoCalledSite: my mom just got on myspace and has allready written 2 blogs

NutLover54: hehe he good for her. my mom just drinks

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the deception of allah book publishing News will be ready soon

the book will be posted in these sites http://muhammadtube.com/

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Successful Self Publishing – February 2007

Successful Self-Publishing

Issue 2: February, 2007

Inside this issue:

How to get your book into stores.

Pitching your book to retail bookstores and chains can be a time consuming and frustrating process. In this issue, we help prepare you for increased chances of success. Read more.


How to get your Book into Stores

Getting your book successfully onto the shelves of a bookstore is easier said than done. Major bookstore chains are notoriously difficult to win over. Even smaller bookstores, where your chances of reaching the person with the purchase authority are more likely – are still very choosy and cautious. Especially when presented with new books from unknown authors.

Without the representation and backing of a major publishing house, you will be entirely responsible for every aspect of this process. Promoting your book to stores is not complicated. But it can be a long and disheartening process that requires persistence, staying power, determination, conviction and total

belief in the ‘great read’ quality of your work.

Identify your targets

The key to successfully selling into a bookstore is to start small. Identify and target smaller local bookstores and boutique stores specific to the topic of your book. Aim to saturate your entire local market place. Having a measure

of regional success will also help in convincing larger chain stores that your book is a worthwhile commercial product, suitable for a national and even an international marketplace.

Develop and prepare your pitch

Initiating contact and approaching bookstore buyers in the right way is essential. Sending an initial ‘sales package’ followed up by a polite phone call, is probably the most effective platform for getting your foot in the proverbial door. The package should be based on a carefully developed sales letter, accompanied by a complimentary copy of your book.

By sending a package through the post, you are allowing the bookstore buyer time to absorb and consider your book and proposal. When you call a week later, you are then ‘warm calling’ rather than cold calling – as they have already had initial contact from you. They are a lot more likely to be receptive and interested. Getting your sales letter right is vital. Keep it at two pages maximum, and ensure it contains all the following core points:

* Introduction: introduce yourself and your book, and state that your reason for contact is to enquire as to their potential interest in purchasing your book for stock.

* Book summary: a short (one paragraph) summary of the core plot of the book

* Book commercial impact: state who would want to read your book (target audience) and why (USP)

* Your credibility: clarify any background and experience you have in writing, or your specific experience and authority in the subject matter.

* Pricing proposal: put forward your proposal for the retail price of the book, and bookstore commission or preference for outright purchase.

* Business development: state that you are engaging in a comprehensive marketing programme for promotion of the book, and that the marketing plan is available for them to review.

* Guarantee: state that you will offer a full refund for books purchased outright, that do not sell within a specified timeframe (8-10 weeks)

Know what the bookstores want

Referencing to your marketing plan within the sales letter is important. It indicates your proactive and professional business approach to the sale of your book. Bookstores will want to know what you are actively doing to promote your book. They do not like to sit on dead inventory. If they feel confident that any books they buy from you can be promoted and sold through marketing and promotional activity directly driven by you – they are more likely to purchase.

Create strong relationships

The founding principle behind successfully selling anything is by establishing genuine and positive human connections. Taking the time to initiate and cultivate lasting relationships with bookstore owners and buyers will dramatically increase your chances of getting your book on their shelves.

Even if initially, they feel your work is not right, by presenting yourself as a professional and credible author and self publisher – they are significantly more likely to be open to being pitched on any subsequent projects you may develop. Even if they do say no the first time, keep the relationship open and positive. Send a short follow-up email or letter thanking them for their time regardless. It could pay dividends in the future.


Terence Tam

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Everything You Need To Know About Lulu Enterprises

Digital Communications project on Lulu.com, an online publishing site founded by Bob Young

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